Simple and Affordable Bridesmaids Thank You Gift Ideas


This year Jack and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary. It really does feel like only yesterday we were busy planning everything, and getting excited about all the little details! We were on a tight budget - especially as Parker was born just a few months before our big day.

But we quickly found there are so many ways you can save some pennies, while still creating some beautiful memories though. Favours and thank you gifts, although important, are definitely items you can save a little bit of money on. So I thought I'd share a few simple and cheap bridesmaids thank you gift ideas, incase you're also on a budget and looking for some inspiration!

Sentimental Gifts

If your bridesmaids are close friends and family, then you cannot go wrong with a sentimental gift. Something they can keep and treasure, as not only a memory of the wedding, but of your friendship. Alex gave her bridesmaids quotes or poems that reminded her of them. She printed and framed them herself too, so it didn't really cost a penny!

If you are having a destination wedding, why not give your bridesmaids customised luggage tags like Emma received. It's definitely unique, but inexpensive to create. 


A bracelet with an engraving, such as the date of the wedding or special message, is a lovely idea. You can find items across all budgets for this type of gift too! Nicole headed to eBay and found little bracelets with a charm on for around £2 each.

Laura gave earrings in the shape of a bow to her bridesmaids, and said 'the card behind it said "Thank you for helping me to tie the knot"' which is such a lovely touch!

Fun Gifts

Not all gifts need to be sentimental and cutesy, you can definitely go down the more novelty route as well! Why not give a friendship survival kit, with items such as a tissue 'to wipe away tears of laughter when we are together', and a jigsaw piece, as they 'are a very important 'piece' of your life'. I know my bridesmaids would have loved to receive something like this.

You can even incorporate parts of your wedding into the gifts, like Julie did for her bridesmaids. She gave them a pair of pink wellies each, as they had photos in a field. So the gift wasn't only practical, but fun and rememberable too!

What did you give your bridesmaids as thank you gifts?

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  1. Some great ideas here, I am getting married next June and I am so disorganised I have a venue,photographer and cake booked and thats it xx

  2. Love the idea of sentimental gifts to give to bridesmaids, like quotes that remind you of them

    Kay xx


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