The First Steps to Getting Back in Shape after my Third Baby


Lilah is now 4 months old, and I feel like life is starting to become a bit more normal again. Well, as normal as it can be with three little ones aged 4 and under! But with the summer fast approaching, I've been thinking that it might just be time to start thinking about shedding those last few pounds of extra baby weight. Especially as we have two weddings to attend in a few months!

Before having children I was at my slimmest; something I was oh so lucky to return to after having my first baby. Two more babies later (I've had all three in under 5 years) my body has just given up on me though, and the weight doesn't seem to want to shift. I'm hoping with determination and a lot of hard work I can change this though!

The first step I definitely need to tackle is my diet. I am a very guilty snacker - especially in the evenings once the littles are in bed. I can eat as healthy as I want during the day, but then ruin it by eating a whole packet of biscuits in front of the telly... oops!

Quite a few members of my family have recently started Slimming World, so I think I may look into it too. Having the group support would be great, and as it's more about portion control and healthier choices, it shouldn't make meal times with the littles any different either. I'm not sure I could cut out the yummy treats completely - we all need them after a particularly bad parenting day right? But I definitely need to find some healthier options!

Another easy change I want to make is to get out walking more. I don't drive so I do generally walk most places anyway. But I've got into a really bad habit of jumping on the bus, or just not going somewhere if I have to walk too far. It's such an easy way to get exercise into the day though, and it usually results in a buggy nap too! Once Indie starts school in September, and Parker is having full days at preschool, I want to make it a habit to get out on long walks with Lilah in the pram for definite.

I know making these changes are going to be tricky at first. Especially as I've just got stuck into terrible habits since having the littles. I have looked into maybe signing up to an online personal training plan, in order to have a proper structure and support throughout my journey. I just want to get back to feeling confident and happy with my body. Especially now it's completely mine and not a home to anymore babies!

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