Lilah at Four Months Old


I honestly cannot believe our little Lilah Bear is already four months old. The days may pass slowly, but those weeks really do fly by. And with Lilah being our last baby, I reaaaaally not okay with it! We're now completely out of the fourth trimester, and she is most definitely not a newborn anymore.

She's grown and changed so much this month, and it's been so lovely to watch. The milestones are just as sad as they are exciting though. Of course we are the proudest parents when she learns something new. But knowing it's the very last 'first', I just want to cling onto this baby period as much as I can.

At 17 weeks Lilah weighed 13lbs 11oz, and she's slowly creeping back up the centiles to the 50th. She's still in a mixture of 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing, although I'm not sure how much longer she'll last in the smaller size pieces. We've moved up to size 3 nappies after countless poop explosions too!

As she's a third baby, Lilah really does just slot into our daily routines perfectly. She's now having 8oz of milk every 4ish hours, which makes the days so much easier to plan around. She's still waking around 7am, having bottles at 7am, 11am, 3pm, and then going to bed after her bottle at 7pm. We're still dream feeding her around 10pm, but she can bit hit and miss with this one.

This month has brought the delights of the fourth leap and four month sleep regression. Thankfully sleep at night hasn't been disrupted too much - she does stir quite a few times, but the dummy and Whisbear usually gets her back to sleep. But nap times are bloody awful! She will cat nap for about 20 minutes, and then be wide awake but still exhausted. I'm really hoping we get the long naps back soon, as I think we'd all benefit from them.

Lilah has learnt so much already during these developments though. She's definitely found her voice, and squeals and shouts so loudly now. She wakes up the happiest in the mornings, and tells Jack all about her day when he comes home from work. She giggled for the very first time this month too - for her big sister of course!

From just being able to roll from belly to back last month, Lilah is really on the move now. She rolled back to front at 16 weeks - a complete shock as I didn't think she was supposed to have mastered this just yet! She's like a little roly poly bug, and will roll within minutes of you putting her down now. And although it's exciting, it's meaning she's being sicky more and my goodness are nappy changes harder too. She's constantly wanting to be upright now too; trying to sit herself up whenever she's on her back. Where did my baby go?!

She's grabbing and reaching for toys now, and absolutely everything ends up in her mouth. I'm still unsure if teething has begun, but she is pretty dribbly so I don't think it's far off. Her favourite thing to chomp on is your fingers - I think we need to invest in some good teethers asap!

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