Welcome to the World Lilah | A Birth Announcement


I was absolutely adamant I would be sharing a 40 week pregnancy update this week. Complaining of being overdue and oh so uncomfortable. But if you follow us over on social media, you'll know our beautiful baby girl had other plans!

At 7.59am on Sunday 14th January, our beautiful little Lilah entered the world. Born in a hurry, on her due date of all days! Weighing an impressive 9lb 7oz of newborn chub, and with a little fuzz of golden hair; she is absolute perfection.

I will be sharing my birth story as soon as I can (otherwise those already hazy memories will fade!). But for now I just wanted to introduce her to you all, and to say thank you for all of the support over the last 9 months of my pregnancy. I've loved documenting every moment, and cannot wait to share all of Lilah's updates from now on instead.


  1. Congratulations. She is just adorable and make me so broody!! Hope you're all well :-) xx

  2. Congratulations she is beautiful x

  3. Congratulations she is lovely. I adore her name. I hope you enjoy every moment as a family of five xx


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