Parker's 18 Month Update


18 months... wow! It only feels like yesterday we were celebrating his first birthday, and now we're well into the madness of toddlerhood. This month has passed a lot slower than the rest. Recovering from Christmas, and settling into our new routine - one that has bought quite a few changes for Parker.

Now Indie's at preschool three days a week, I get to spend a lot more quality time with our beautiful boy. Being a younger brother and having a small age gap, he's never really had that one-on-one time before. 

He was quite unsure at first. He couldn't understand where Indie had gone and still didn't feel safe to play with her toys. He clung to me pretty much all day... either relishing in having mummy all to himself, or because he wasn't happy being all alone.

It's been a few weeks now and we've finally got into our groove. He waves Indie off at preschool (after charming all the ladies with his cheeky grins), and happily runs home to play. We get out as many toys as possible, watch endless Peppa and he loves to sit at Indie's table instead of in his highchair for lunch.

It's so lovely for the both of us, especially now he's starting to properly play a little more. He loves to stack cups, build towers and push his cars along. He still adores books and will bring you them throughout the day for you to read. Peppa, Teletubbies and Ben and Holly are his current favourite shows to watch too.

His understanding and knowledge is still expanding daily. The biggest development being in regards to nappies - he's now telling us when he's pooping, and runs to get a nappy to change him. There are no plans for potty training anytime soon, but it's a definite step in the right direction!

Unfortunately this month has been overshadowed by sickness and teething. We've popped some canines, had a viral infection and now his very first snotty cold. It's been a tough month of tantrums, food refusal and no sleep. Despite that though, I've loved spending every day with my little bean.

He's completely full of it. Always doing naughty things to make us laugh - stealing Indie's toys and running away giggling for example. Running up to you for snuggles and kisses. Dancing away anytime music plays (his favourite is the Sex and the City theme tune...). He wins absolutely everyone over whenever they meet him, and I can completely understand why.

It's been such a wonderful 18 months with our beautiful boy. He may be a pain in my bum a lot of the time and we're still having sleep problems, but I wouldn't change him one bit.

My cheeky little Parker boy.


  1. Aww it sounds like you have lovely one to one time together :-) Love his smile! Katie x

  2. What a gorgeous little man! Sleep problems are the worse - but it'll soon get better :)

  3. What a little cutie. Hopefully the sleep problems will end soon!

  4. January was a month of bugs for us too. Piglet and I both got hand foot and mouth which was horrible! Sounds like he's settled into the new routine nicely

  5. He looks like he's doing so well!! Teething with those back teeth is so hard isn't it! I always seem to find Lily gets a cold when she's teething! Lovely update x

  6. I love reading updates of children slightly older than Erin. Sounds like you're both enjoying your time together


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