Parker's 20 Month Update


How is our beautiful boy 20 months old? I'm not sure why, but I've been putting off writing this update. Parker just isn't a baby anymore and it makes me sooo sad! I am so proud of the little boy he's turning into, I just wish it wasn't happening so fast.

He's actually now the age Indiana was when he was born. A fact that is absolutely mad... I couldn't even begin to imagine having a newborn to look after now. Especially as Parker and Indie are just so incredibly different. She was always (and still is) calm and reserved, whereas he is feisty, fearless and far too confident.

This month saw a big change for Parker, as we moved house and he moved into a toddler bed. At first the transition went really well. He napped and slept as normal. Brilliant we thought, he's cracked it! However the last week we've had a lot of issues (I'm putting it lightly.. it's been rough). 

We're unsure whether it's teeth (his back molars seem to be causing him a lot of pain at the moment), a realisation he can get out of bed, or the clock change. Whatever it is it's made bedtime a nightmare. We're considering dropping his nap to see whether that helps. But if you have any ideas of what can help, we'd love to hear it!

Everything else is very similar to his 19 month update. He's eating like there's no tomorrow, running / jumping / dancing all over the place, and he's still a pain in my butt (sorry P!). He learns new words daily still, and his understanding blows my mind. New words include: work, tickle, door, treasure, and play. He's also able to point out most of his body parts.

He's loving singing, Peppa Pig, playing in the garden, meeting his baby cousin, reading stories and exploring. He's not liked getting his hair cut (it was horrible, but very necessary), bedtime, the pushchair and having to sit still!

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