5 Easy Ways to Personalise your Home


Our home is the place we come back to at the end of each day, to relax in and enjoy with the people we love. When designing our home to be the best it can be for ourselves and our family, there are a lot of different elements that come into play. Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways that you can personalise your home, to make it feel totally unique to you and your tastes.

There is no better way to make a room feel like a true family home, than to have some photographs of you and your family around the space. You can use Bryce Noone Photography to take professional photos of your loved ones, or simply use photos from family holidays and trips to make your home feel like it truly belongs to you. Why not create a photo gallery wall in your living room, or have frames going up the stairs?

Hang Art
If your children are anything like mine, then you will know that they love to be creative and create artwork at the weekends or at school. One of the things you could do as a parent to show your pride (and to also brighten up a blank wall) is to hang some of their artwork up in a frame. It will make the house feel lived in, plus it will be a good talking point for people who come to your home too.

Add Colour
One of the best ways that you can take a full room and transform it into something new, is to use colours to brighten the space. Colours can be a great way to show your personality in the home, because you can choose the shades to really get the right feel for you - bright and bold or light pastels, whatever you do make sure it reflects you. You could even paint a feature wall, or hang some coloured wallpaper onto one wall of a room, if you're not feeling brave enough to decorate the whole room. 

Sometimes a great way to show off your own skills and bring some life to a room, is to literally bring life to a room. Plants are always a wonderful thing to bring into your living space, and you could even think about something like a herb garden for your kitchen. It can be fun bringing plants into a space and it will make your room feel more organic as well as providing some fresh air and colour. Just remember you need to care for them properly, in order for them to grow and thrive though!

Keep it Light
A bright and light room will feel much more cosy and relaxing! Make sure you have plenty of windows around the house, and consider removing chunky curtains as these will block light. Making space in your rooms by moving furniture around can also make your design look better and feel more complete. 

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