What to Consider Before Buying a Family Home


Before having children my priorities for a home were understandably much different to what they are now. I wanted all the pretty knick knacks and decorative items, and flowers in beautiful vases dotted about. But if you have children then you'll know that actually, these things aren't really as important (or practical) anymore! In this post, I'm going to share 4 things I think you should consider before buying a home - especially if you have plans to have a family in the future.

The location of your home is definitely something you need to consider when looking at properties. Check public transport links if you need to travel for work (or rely on these to get about like me). A local shop and pub can make an area feel much more of a community, and can come in handy when you run out of something and don't want to drive to the supermarket. Also take into consideration whether you want to stay in a location close to family and friends. Moving away can mean a fresh start and new adventure, but could also mean leaving family and friends behind. Finally if you are planning on having children definitely check the location for schools - this can be a deal breaker for some!

Space / Size
A house may feel large and roomy when you first look around, but add in all of your furniture (and yourselves) and it can soon feel much smaller. It's a good idea to take detailed measurements and then try and picture the space with your furniture in place. Also consider the number of rooms you require too, especially if you're planning on having children. They take up a lot more space than you think (and so do their toys)!

Personally, I love open plan style kitchen / diners. But I know for some they much prefer to defined separate spaces and a door that they can close at the end of the day. As a family, we spend a lot of time in these rooms eating, reading books and doing homework, and of course, playing too. So this is area is definitely a priority with a family. The number of bathrooms in a property is important if you have a growing family too. There's nothing worse than someone needing to use the toilet when another is having a shower! Walk in showers for the home would be an amazing feature in an en-suite.

Outside Space
Probably not so essential during these horrible winter months, but having some kind of outside space is definitely crucial when buying a family home. Somewhere to dry washing in the warmer months, and a space for children or potential pets to run around and let off steam. Having enough space for you all to play football or racket sports would be ideal. Even if you don't plan on having children for a long time, a garden is great for social gatherings and relaxing in general.

Are you looking at buying a family home? What's most important to you?
This is a collaborative post.

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