Thinking of Future Holiday Plans


I'm sure there are many of us who are currently mourning the loss of our summer holidays this year; we were supposed to be flying off to Turkey next week! With lockdown restrictions slowly loosening though, there could be airlines up and running in some capacity at some point this summer. Although many people will want to rush to the train stations, the airports and the roads to get some kind of holiday time into their lives - after all being stuck at home for about 3 months straight who could blame you? - I think it's probably best to not start rushing any plans just yet.

I don't think international travel will be a normal thing for a long time yet, but that doesn't mean we won't be able to have a staycation at some point in the near future. Whether that's heading to a UK holiday park, camping or even just enjoying what's on offer in your local area. Whatever you decide to do, it's always good to think about the safety of your home before you travel. After being at home for a long time it will be pretty obvious if you leave your home empty after all! You can use a service such as to reroute all your post to their PO Box. This virtual address service will then open your mail, scan it for you and send it directly to your email address. Then when you’re done with the mail, you can request the hard copy to be shredded and disposed of.

Another way to quickly protect yourself is to fit fingerprint locks throughout your house. This way you don’t have to worry about someone picking your lock and forcing their way into your home. There’s a range of fingerprint locks to choose from including the iTouchless Bio-Matic (one of the simplest to use). Then there’s the Samsung SHS-S700, which has many different settings that you can configure using the touchscreen. It can also follow your routine and spot suspicious activity - clever right?

Book Future Holidays
With everyone at home right now and not able to travel, it's likely that when we are properly back to work that those holidays slots will quickly become booked up. So why not book your Christmas holidays and / or leisure events now? That way even if you're not planning on going away you know you'll have that time to enjoy and relax at home! Why not even look into holidays for 2021 to keep you busy - everyone loves holiday dreaming right?

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