5 Food Hacks for Fussy Eaters


Even if your little one is a whizz when it comes to weaning - trying absolutely everything and loving new flavours and food - they can still become a fussy eater over time. I remember my eldest absolutely loving tomatoes at 6 months old, but try getting her to eat one now at 6 years old and you'll end up in an argument! There are a few tricks and hacks you can use to try and overcome this though, and hopefully this post will help you if you are struggling.

The Right Cups
If you are struggling to get your little one to drink enough, then it might be worth changing up the cups that you're using. For very young babies a free-flow cup is best while they learn to drink properly. Then as they get older you can invest in the suitable tommee tippiees for their ages. Children don't need juices or added extras in their water, but if you really are struggling, then a few drops of sugar-free squash to encourage them may work.

Hidden Fruit & Vegetables
Frozen packs of fruit and vegetables are actually are a very convenient option without compromising on goodness (they maintain their vitamins and fibre content while lasting longer!). If you're little ones are refusing to eat their vegetables a great hack is to hide them in meals such as stews and casseroles. That way they won't see them being added as you sneak them out of the freezer!

Frozen fruits are perfect for things like smoothies and quick desserts too. These are a great way to get lots of different types of fruit into their diets (and maybe even some hidden veggies), while still offering a tasty treat.

Make your Own Food
There are a lot of brands on the market at the moment that offer fresh, organic baby food. However it is actually incredibly easy to make baby food in a thermomix at home. Making your own food means that you know exactly what is being added (including those sneaky veggies mentioned above).

Healthy Snacks
If you are worried that your child isn't eating enough due to their fussiness you may want to introduce some healthy snacks. Of course these shouldn't be used as a replacement to mealtimes, but alongside to keep them healthy and not hungry. Examples include rice cakes or bread sticks with dip, oatmeal cookies with raisins and banana, popcorn, greek yoghurt with fruit, or simply make fruit kebabs!

Make it Fun
This post shares some great tricks to help make your children's food a little more fun. Making mealtimes fun and engaging will definitely encourage little ones to eat more over shouting and arguments. Never force your child to eat something if they are getting really upset - you don't want to enforce a negative association with a certain meal. Make family meal times fun and positive as it really will make a difference.

This is a collaborative post.

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