3 Ways to Keep your Carpets Looking Fresh


As a family of five (plus a fluffy little member too) there are obviously certain areas of our house that look a little worse for wear than others. High traffic areas such as the stairs, dining room and bedrooms for example take most of the damage - especially as these carpets have had to suffer through weaning children and potty training too! Like most we have tried many different methods to tackle the carpets in these areas and in this post I'm going to share my top three.

Vacuum Cleaning
Of course the fastest and most affordable way to remove dust from carpets is to use a vacuum cleaner. Household appliances are only designed to deal with dust - they cannot cope with dirt and stubborn stains. Of course you can use washing vacuum cleaners, however these can usually be an inconvenience as you have to dry the floor for a long time afterwards, and the machines can be cumbersome and difficult to use.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Possibly the best way to deal with any kind of dirt is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Using special products, not only old stains are eliminated, but any unpleasant, stubborn smells are also removed - leaving the carpet looking as good as new. But why is deep carpet cleaning needed? You can only superficially clean the carpet with the help of available tools at home. It will not be possible to penetrate into the deep layer of pile, where dirt accumulates most of all without professional equipment. For this reason, in order to put the carpet in full order carpet steam cleaning is required. Professional carpet cleaning London is necessary in case of unpleasant odour from the carpet and tarnishing of paints.

If you need to refresh between deep cleans or if there's an accident then certain cleaning products can really help. You can either try store bought sprays and products, or try to make natural cleaners at home. All are easy to use and very convenient, especially if you only have a small patch to clean. Another positive with these is that you can usually use the carpet immediately after cleaning which helps when you have children.

I thought it might also be helpful to share some basic rules for domestic carpet cleaning. Firstly, before applying any products to your carpet it is recommended to use it on an inconspicuous area to make sure there's no colour damage or fading. Make sure to only use warm water (never hot) and avoid hard brushes too as these can damage the pile of carpets. And most importantly if you think your carpets aren't able to be saved by yourself it's probably best to call in the professionals like Cleaning Services London so you don't cause even more damage!

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