4 Ways to Make your Business More Professional


If you are a new business then you'll understand that the competition for new clients is fierce. You're effectively competing against others in your industry, businesses with perhaps years worth of experience and brand recognition behind them. And with this kind of competition, it's difficult to know how you can stand out. Customers are more likely to select a company over its competitors when they appear professional and highly experienced. Which means, everything from your logo to your company message, branding and even the look of your emails will be scrutinised, and if you don't have the right look, then you're likely to miss out on those crucial orders and enquiries.

Boosting your professionalism is a simple yet effective way of reassuring potential customers to consider your company over your competitors. But you may be wondering how this is achievable. So I thought I would share some easy and effective ways to help you make your business appear (and hopefully be) more professional. 

Invoicing and Accounts
Getting that first sale is one thing, but holding onto that customer so they'll return again and again, is probably even more important. Having a streamlined payment process is a simple yet highly effective way to remind your clients that you're professional in everything you do. Stripe accounting integrations from freshbooks.com provides you with an easy to use, efficient way of receiving payments. Not only is this method secure but it also stores all the necessary details to speed up the process each time. This effortlessly highlights your professionalism and emphasises how straightforward working with you is! 

Set up a P.O Box
Having business mail or correspondence sent to your home address looks incredibly unprofessional. It sends out the wrong message, especially if a potential client is considering you for a large order or project. Setting up a P.O Box instantly adds some professionalism and makes your company look much more organised and reliable. A P.O Box is also a good idea from a security point of view, as it means you won't have to give out your personal address to anyone either.

Business Cards
While some may consider business cards to be a little old fashioned, they still have a place within modern business. Having a store of business cards in your pocket means you have access to an instant marketing tool, no matter where you are. Whether you're networking at an event, or you come across a potential employee who may be the perfect fit, handing over a business card is a much more personal and professional way to seal an interaction. Rather than asking someone to 'look you up on LinkedIn'.

Look the Part
Running your own business means you don't have to conform to stuffy office attire rules. However, that shouldn't mean you're working in your pj's all day, as looking the part is essential for any face-to-face interaction (whether it's in person or via video call). Even if that means looking business ready on top and comfy on the bottom for video calls, make sure you look ready and excited for the client - pjs and a mum bun can look like you're uninterested! Keep the background clear for these types of conversations too.

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