6 Boredom Busting Tips for the School Holidays


Picture this - it’s the school holidays, and although you've all been looking forward to it for weeks, it's only a couple of days in before the excitement fades and you start hearing the dreaded “I’m bored!”. Sound familiar? Then hopefully this post will give you some ideas to crack that school holiday boredom

Of course, it’s tempting to fill up their time with school holiday with big fancy plans, but it’s actually really important that they get to experience some down time too. So much of their life is already structured with school and extracurricular activities; free time can encourage them to make their own fun. Plus, a bit of boredom isn’t actually a bad thing. It helps children become more creative in their thinking as they come up with things to do. They’ll still need a bit of guidance from mum and dad in the form of some helpful ideas, so here are six easy and inexpensive activities to beat that school holiday boredom. 

Create a Home Cinema

It’s not hard to recreate the excitement of the movies in your own living room. There are some essential supplies you’ll need – popcorn being one. Let your kids pick their favourite movies and don’t be afraid to get creative with it. There are plenty of ways to up the fun and make it more than a simple movie-watching session. Get older children to make movie tickets and give them out to everyone in attendance at a pretend box office, or someone could also play the part of an usher and 'sell' popcorn and sweets before the film starts.. Once everyone is settled in their seats, don’t forget to dim the lights for a real cinema experience!

Earn Some Pocket Money

Encouraging your children to explore some entrepreneurial activities is a great way to get their little business minds ticking. One classic idea is a lemonade stand; grab some lemons and sugar (if you want to get fancy, add mint for a garnish), and put the kids to work with the lemon squeezer. They’ll have fun manning the lemonade stand and they’ll love making some pocket money they can spend.

Why not get everyone involved in a declutter too - let them pick which toys / items they no longer want to play with and need, and then sell them to raise some pennies. You could gather everything for a boot fair, or even sell unwanted items on selling sites such as Facebay. It's up to you whether you let you children pick new toys, or make them save it towards something bigger!

Get out the Arts and Crafts

Whipping out the arts and crafts supplies ensures hours of fun and creative exploration. You can either leave them to their own devices, or if you find they need a little direction, there’s plenty of arts and crafts inspiration online. Some ideas include, making funny animals with paper plates and coloured pipe cleaners, crafting something out of paper mâché or oven bake clay, making jewellery or paper chatterboxes - or even just some simple painting. Just don’t forget to lay down the newspaper if there’s paint involved!

Do Some Science Experiments

DIY science experiments are not only exciting for children, they’re also a great way to stimulate young minds, encouraging them to be curious about the world around them. Whether it’s homemade playdough or making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar, you’ll find plenty of ideas online for at-home experiments. Often they can be done using things you already have around the house and without breaking the bank. Get creative!

Get in the Garden

Of course parks and walks are great, but sometimes just getting out in the garden is good enough! Why not make a slip and slide out of plastic sheeting or tarpaulin from your local hardware store, as well as some tent pegs to secure the corners of the slide into the ground. Add some dishwashing detergent or bubble bath, turn on the hose and let the fun begin! If you've not got a garden big enough for something like this, then just a bucket, some water guns and plenty of water will bring endless fun. Who can resist a water fight?

Simple Fun without Screens

Board games are guaranteed to lead to endless amounts of fun and laughter, and the best part is they don’t involve a screen. Whether it’s Monopoly, Cluedo, Guess Who? or Twister, there’s plenty to choose from, and even a simple puzzle can lead to hours of entertainment if everyone gets involved. Of course screens are great for down-time and unwinding after a busy day, but there's nothing like family board games to bring everyone together is there.

If you like the sound of these ideas, then why not get your children to write out a list of activities at the beginning of the holidays. Then, every day they can pick one out for the next day. Don’t forget wherever you can let your child lead the way and only assist them when they really need it. This will encourage independence and creativity, and turn what could have been time spent being bored into a chance for them to blossom. Have fun!

This is a collaborative post.

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