Keeping your Children Safe with the PAJ EASY Finder 4G Tracker | Child Friendly Tracker Review


With my three children growing up and more independence coming their way, we're entering into another stressful and scary step of parenthood. Wondering where your children are at all times and whether they are safe is, as I'm sure you will agree, something that we as parents will always worry about. But thanks to such fantastic developments in technology, there are ways to make these worries just that little bit easier.

The PAJ EASY Finder 4G GPS tracker has been created to help protect what you love the most, and to hopefully give you safe knowledge that they are safe and watched over at all times. 

What is the PAJ EASY Finder 4G?

The PAJ EASY Finder 4G is small and discrete device, that has been created to help give you peace of mind. It's small enough to fit in to your child's bag (or it can be used with the included carry-case), and once turned on, allows you to track everything live - either via your PC or using the mobile app on your phone. 

You can set up the device so that you receive alerts from various alarm settings, plus the EASY Finder also features a large SOS button incase of emergencies. This sends an emergency signal to the added contacts so they immediately know the location of the wearer. A fab feature for children who may not have a mobile device and need to get in contact with you!


  • Suitable for valuables or persons
  • Small and discreet
  • Live tracking and notification updates
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Global coverage allows uninterrupted tracking in more than 100 countries
  • Computer and APP accessible
  • SOS live location sharer
  • 7 day battery life
  • Stores routes for 365 days

My Thoughts

The EASY Finder was incredibly simple to set up and get ready to use thanks to the SIM card already being inside the device. You then have to charge the device fully before connecting it to your account which doesn't take too long, but do note that the cable included isn't doesn't have a UK plug socket which is a bit of a shame. Once connected to the PAJ Portal app on my phone (also super easy to find and download from the APP store), I liked how you could see a large map with the location of the tracker. It updates quickly when the device moves so you can be assured that you are getting a live update too, giving you that peace of mind and reassurance.

One negative I found was that it could be quite easy for the wearer to turn off the device, however PAJ have tried to combat this by having an alert feature enabled for if this does happen. But maybe they could update the device in the future to disable turning the device off in a certain way. The price is also something to consider, as although the initial cost isn't too expensive, you do have to pay a subscription price in order to use the features. This can be made slightly cheaper by purchasing an annual subscription over paying monthly though.

Overall I do think that the PAJ EASY Finder 4G Tracker is a fab little device. It has been well designed to give you the peace of mind and reassurance you need when your loved ones are away from you, as well as being easy to use and set up. Definitely the sort of product every parent needs!

This is a collaborative post, however all opinions are honest and my own.

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