5 Steps to Throwing an Unforgettable Party Celebration


We all love a good party - or at least, most of us probably do - because it offers up a chance to create fun and loving memories that can last a lifetime. But where to start with planning one? 

Time and Place

First things first, you need to decide on a date, time, and location for the event. Take your time making these first three initial decisions, because they can have a big impact on the outcome of your bash. Are you going to host the event at your home on a Sunday afternoon, or are you going to rent out a nightclub on a Friday night? Both choices are excellent, but they will completely transform the tone of the event, so you should think carefully about the vibe you will be aiming for. Once your party is officially in the diary, you can begin the exciting parts of party planning!

Select a Specific Theme

Every party should have a theme, whether it be subtle or extravagant. Your theme might impact your decorations, but it could also go one step further and impact how your guests dress! The ball is totally in your court when it comes to choosing a theme for your bash, but here are a few party theme ideas to get your brain sparking some ideas.

  • Formal Theme: Black Tie
  • Informal Theme: PJ Party
  • Fancy Dress: Superheroes 

Of course, there are endless themes to choose from in each category. Once your theme is selected, you will be able to plan accordingly for how you wish to decorate your party location. For example, if you have opted for a fancy dress theme where your guests dress up as their favourite celebrities, you could create a red carpet for your party entrance with a photo spot for “paparazzi” pictures, and silver sparkly tassels along the walls for a glamorous impact.

Alternatively, if you have chosen a ‘90s party theme, you might opt for bright retro colours to decorate the party room, as well as a glitzy disco ball and neon props. To help choose a theme, it can be useful to think about what time of year it is, the types of guests attending, and what your personal interests are. There are no rules when it comes to a party theme, so you should feel free to get as creative as possible to make your bash one to remember.

Food and Drinks

Your choice of food and drink for the party could go hand in hand with your chosen theme. If you’ve chosen a formal, Hollywood red-carpet theme, why not offer up classy glasses of Champagne or elegant martinis, paired with light bites? Meanwhile, if you’ve chosen a nationality American theme, you could serve up tasty burgers, fries, and cans of coke. Remember that presentation is key when serving food and beverages to your guests.

Don’t be shy! Try playing around with your choice of cuisine and beverages, but remember that you’ll need to make sure your guests are well-accommodated, so that their bellies aren’t left rumbling. You’ll also need to check for any allergies or dietary requirements. If you wish your guests to bring their own alcohol, you should also make this clear on your invites. 

Choose Captivating Entertainment

Entertainment is key for throwing a party that your guests will never forget. Of course, you can’t go wrong with some upbeat music and a selection of beverages, but there are other ways to consider entertaining your guests. What’s great is that there are endless entertainment options for you to choose from.

Karaoke: A good old-fashioned sing-song has never failed to bring fun to a party. This is a great form of entertainment for all ages too, as everyone can pick their own song of choice and get everyone else to join in.

Photobooth: Digital photo booth hire would allow your party guests to capture special moments from the event, helping them to remember the party forever.

Games: Even adults can enjoy playing games at a party. There are multiple games to choose from, including the likes of Never Have I Ever, Jenga and Mr & Mrs, or you could just opt for a simple game of pass the parcel. Party games can help bring your celebration to life and your guests closer together.

Live Performer: From magicians and fire eaters to a classic DJ, whatever type of performer you opt for, hiring live entertainment is practically guaranteed to dazzle and entertain your party guests. Plus it takes the pressure of you to make sure your guests are having a good time!

Send Out Your Invites

You will need to let your guests know the date, time, and location of the party by sending out invitations. Ideally, you should give your party guests plenty of notice; around one month in advance would be ideal for a birthday, engagement, or baby shower event. However, depending on the reason for your bash, you might want to lengthen your notice or even shorten it. The type of event will help determine whether it's okay to just send a casual group chat invite, or whether a formal written invitation is needed.

Remember to let your guests know of any chosen themes, and what the dress code will be, as well as whether they will be required to bring anything such as food, drinks, games, or props to the event.

Happy partying!

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