Indiana's 16 Month Update


Slightly late with this update as Indie actually turned 16 months last Thursday while we were on holiday. But what a month it's been! This week especially has made me realise just how much of a toddler she is now and not a baby. She loves to run absolutely everywhere and loves to take your hand and show you where to go.

I finally had her weighed this month and she's now 22 lb 10ozs which is around the 50/75th percentiles I believe. We've now started putting her in 12-18 months clothing and it's fitting a lot better than we thought (things are slightly too long though still as she's a shorty). She's finally grown enough for big girl shoes too which are still a small 4G! She has about 14/15 teeth including most of her molars now (not that I put my fingers in to check... ouch).

I am totally blown away with the amount of knowledge and understand Indie has now. I've always spoken to her even though I knew she didn't really get it, and couldn't respond. But it seems to be a whole different story these days! If I mention teeth she will grab my hand, take me to the bathroom and ask for her toothbrush - same with her shoes (unless she can reach them she'll bring them to me). She will answer 'yes' or 'no' to questions we ask her and knows exactly who 'baby brother' is. She also eats so well with a spoon and fork - yay to less mess!

Her speech is developing so much too. Her little voice is so sweet and when she says certain things my heart absolutely melts. She can say:
Hiya - bye bye - mummy - daddy - nanny - grandad - baby - teeth - shoes - yes - no - bubble - 'choo choo' for a train - yay - bunny - juice - 'toodles' (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) - George (Curious George), no (complete with look and pointing haha), aww, yay, woof woof, all gone, what's that?, and more!

What's also developing is this little madam's attitude! She is an absolute diva and really likes to get her own way. She still doesn't really share (she tells off other children who dare to look at Jack when she's at nursery haha), and gets very possessive over things. If she's told no she will throw herself on the floor kicking and screaming too! The biggest thing is now hitting and throwing - she's mastered the art of the 'swipe' and knocks down anything in front of her if she's in a bad mood!

We are obviously keeping an eye of these and telling her off when it is necessary. She's such a loving sweet girl most of the time, always giving kisses and cuddles, but she does have a fiery temper haha!


  1. Love the photos! :-) the part where she tells other children off for looking at Jack made me giggle! How cute that she knows who her baby brother is, that's so sweet! Xx

  2. I love these updates you do. What a lovely memory. Bless her with all her little words I love it when they really start showing they understand by saying yes or no or pulling you a long it is just the sweetest thing in the whole wide world! She is a cutie. X

  3. I think Darcie was similar at 16 months - she was definitely a diva thats for sure!

    Kay xxx


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