24 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


24 weeks means we've hit V day! Viability means that if anything were to happen now and he had to be born, medical teams would do anything they could to try and save him. He's almost a foot long now - about the size of an ear of corn - and weighs more than 600 grams.

I started the week still with my headaches but they seem to have eased a bit now. I'm seeing the midwife on Wednesday so will definitely be mentioning them to her (a lot of people have mentioned them being linked to blood pressure).

Apart from that it's been a pretty good week! Here in Kent we had a mini heatwave on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was absolutely boiling. I got to wear my first maxi-dress with my bump and it was soo lovely to actually show it off (not that I can hide it any more haha). It was a bit too much for me though and I did have to hibernate indoors with plenty of drinks.
Braxton hicks have definitely stepped up recently I've noticed. They aren't painful - my whole belly just goes really tight and hard for a few minutes and then relaxes again. I've noticed I get them more if I've been walking a lot (to work for example) so have to really slow down to relax them.

Movement wise this baby boy is a right groover! According to my apps an anterior placenta usually means lighter movements, which are usually lower down and to the sides; and my uterus is only meant to be just above me belly button. I feel him ALL over though and recently he's been doing full body movements and sitting in my ribs - just like his big sister did!

Like I said I'm seeing the midwife on Wednesday just to get things checked over and to finally pick up my MatB1 form. Yay to getting maternity leave fully sorted! I'll let you know how that goes in my 25 week update next week.


  1. Eek! This is like the quickest pregnancy EVER.. Yay to the MatB1 form, they're my favourite haha. I think second babies tend to feel like little groovers because we know the difference between movements and.. um.. wind! #maternitymonday xx P.S I love your maxi dress! I lived in them during the summer of 2013 as Toby was an end of August baby! x

  2. Ahh you look great, got to love a bump in a maxi dress :-) I had an anterior placenta too but did feel some good movements, although different to my first!

    Helen - #maternitymondays

  3. Aww how exciting. You're looking radiant. My boy was a mover and still is :) so exciting #MaternityMonday

  4. Lovely photos, wow the weeks are whizzing by. I remember hating the heat this time last year when i was pregnant too. xx

  5. Love your dress! Heat and pregnancy doesn't seem to be a great combination, I remember wanting to move into the freezer at one point! xx


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