Where to Play Pooh Sticks just like Christopher Robin - Pooh Stick Bridge Ashdown Forest


Everyone's read Winnie the Pooh haven't they? Or if not, they've definitely seen the films! The stories of Christopher Robin and his cuddly friends, exploring in The 100 Acre Wood; searching for Heffalumps and playing Pooh Sticks.

The stories were originally written by A. A. Milne, who was inspired by his son, and the actual adventures they went on in the Ashdown Forest area. "Their old Farmhouse lay a short distance from a wooden bridge that they needed to cross to reach the Ashdown Forest. It was on one of these visits that he and his Nanny played the game of Poohsticks." 

We are lucky to not live far from the area, and have taken the littles to Pooh Corner (the sweetest little tea room in the town of Hartfield) earlier in the year. With the sun shining last week though, we finally made it to Pooh Bridge to play our very own game of Pooh Sticks, just like Christopher Robin.

Ashdown Forest is just west of Crowborough in East Sussex. The Pooh Bridge carpark isn't actually signposted until the last minute, so we did find it a little tricky to find at first. The car park is just west of B2026, down Chuck Hatch Lane. However if you do go into Pooh Corner, they are more than happy to provide directions, and even sell a map with all of the Enchanted Places on.

The walk from the car park is really family friendly. Wide enough for buggies and not too 'off road' either. It is mostly down-hill though, so that's something to keep in mind! It took us about 20/30 minutes to get down to the bridge, but we did have lots of stops on the way.

There's plenty for little ones to explore and see on the way down to Pooh Bridge. Woods to explore, logs to jump on, and of course plenty of pooh sticks to collect. I'd definitely suggest picking up a few as you go, as we couldn't find any once we got to the bridge itself!

If you're unfamiliar with the game of Pooh Sticks, the rules are really simple. On the count of 3, you each drop you collected stick into the stream. Then you run as fast as you can over to the other side, and watch to see who's stick appears first. Simple, but great fun for little ones (and adults too)!

Unfortunately due to popularity (and the amazing lack of rain!) quite a few of our sticks did actually get stuck under the bridge. We still had plenty of fun though, and our collection of sticks meant we had plenty of games.

We had such a lovely morning at Pooh Bridge; it really is a perfect place to explore with little ones - especially as it's completely free! I just wish we had time to visit Pooh Corner for a look around, and of course a little smackerel to eat.


  1. Pooh sticks never gets old does it! I used to love playing this as a child almost 30 years ago!!! 😂

  2. This looks like so much fun. I love games and activities that are free!

  3. Omg I use to play pooh sticks years ago! X

  4. Aww, such a lovely idea! We used to play it as kids but I haven't really done it with the children - must make plans to do so! x

  5. We have a river near us (literally 3 minutes walk!) but have never played pooh sticks as the kids love watching the swans and ducks instead. Will try to do it next time!

  6. It's such a good game! Looks really lovely there x


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