The Siblings Project | September 2017


Has anyone else completely lost track of the dates recently, or is it just me? It wasn't until I saw someone else's Siblings post, that I realised I hadn't written mine. Let alone taken any pictures! Thankfully we had captured a few of our little duo this week anyway. So although they're not the perfect siblings photos I would have wanted, we're still here joining in!

This month has seen Indiana head back to preschool, and therefore Parker left without his sidekick for most of the week. Towards the end of summer they definitely got under each other's feet that little bit too much. The bickering and arguments were constant during that last week especially, and I think we were all grateful for the return of school.

But now we're a couple of weeks into the old routine, I think they've remembered how much they love playing together again. Parker is back to calling after Indie constantly, and running straight for cuddles when we pick her up. And she's willingly sharing and playing with him a lot more. I think this is the balance we definitely all need!

Both of them get the chance to play without the other getting involved - something that's so important as Indie wants to play things that are just too grown up for P. And they also both get the quality one-on-one time they need too. 

I'm so excited for the next few months, especially as Autumn is my favourite season. We have a little trip away in just a few weeks, and then of course there's the fun of Halloween, Indie's birthday and Christmas. I have a feeling these weeks are going to fly by!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. I love the body warmer P has on, such a little dude! I have a feeling the Autumn is going to fly by too xx #siblingsproject

  2. I am loving Parker's new haircut. He looks way too grown up.
    I am trying to take photos every week now of the two so I don't leave it last minute.
    BUT that just reminds me I haven't taken any for me and mine! #siblingsproject

  3. Autumn is my favourite season too. I think my two had had enough by the end of the holidays too. Lovely pics xx

  4. Look at Parker's hair! He looks so grown up! We love autumn too :) xxx

  5. I think these weeks are going to flyby too and before we know it the Christmas tree will be going up! It's nice that they have time on their own to, I know Holly in particular enjoys it x

  6. Yep, I totally lost track of time this month too! It seems September is a busy month for most people. Lovely photos xx

  7. Oh Autumn is so fun especially if it doesn't rain too much so we can play in fallen leaves and find conkers and play in the park. So beautiful this month together. Sounds like you had a busy one. #siblingsproject

  8. It's such a tricky time to remember everything I think, summer is still in mind but then it's so busy getting back to routine isn't it? These are lovely though x


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