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30 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Three}

Sunday, 12 November 2017

30 weeks pregnant and oh my goodness am I feeling it! I feel as if this is another little milestone of pregnancy too. Less than 10 weeks to go (or maybe even less if this little girl arrives early like her big brother). There's still so much to do, and just not enough time...

30 weeks & 3 days

14th January 2018


I use the Baby Centre App to check on baby's progress - baby girl weighs around 1.3kg and is just over 39.9cm from head to heel (the size of a cabbage apparently). She's almost at the length she'll be at birth now, but there's still pleeeenty of weight left for her to gain.

I saw my midwife again on Monday (a week early as she's away next week), and it was a brief but lovely appointment. I got the results from my 28 week bloods and unsurprisingly my iron levels are a little low. Thankfully I don't need tablets, but I do need to hunt down some Spatone and alllll the leafy veg! All my other checks were perfect though, and baby girl is now head down too. Fingers crossed she stays there from now on!

I have absolutely no idea! 

Constant braxton hicks, lightning crotch, rib pain... all the glorious symptoms of the third trimester! I'm basically exhausted constantly too, so I think that's a clear sign that I reaaaally need to slow down (not that that's possible when you have two young children already).

I seem to go between sleeping through wonderfully, and then waking up loads feeling thirsty or needing the loo. I'm still loving my Theraline maternity pillow though.

I don't think I've necessarily craved anything, but I've been baking loads recently.. so maybe that's my body telling me I want all the sugar?

Really bloody pregnant now. Walking is also becoming increasingly difficult, as I end up feeling as if I've been kicked in the foof afterwards! I lovee being pregnant, but I'm almost near the 'get this baby out NOW' stage.

Being able to get up and pick anything from my wardrobe to wear. Once again I have nothing to wear!

I won't lie... probably my pjs. Nothing fits anymore!!

I'm absolutely loving watching Indie and Parker bond with bump. Parker asks to 'see baby' constantly throughout the day, and loves giving it snuggles and kisses. Indie has decided to name her AnnaElsa (yes.. that's one word), and I just know they're going to be the best big brother and sister when she's born.

Getting more prepared for this baby girl. We have a small list of things we need to buy, and then it's just a case of washing clothes and setting everything up. I'm oh so excited to build our co-sleeper and have it ready for her arrival!

You can see how this pregnancy compares to Parker's (my second) here.

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  1. What gorgeous photographs of you and the children, wonderful memories to treasure and to keep x

  2. Loving the AnnaElsa name! I hope you are using it! Beautiful photos to cherish.

  3. Ah I remember this stage of pregnancy well! The end is almost within reach but it does tend to drag a little at the end. It sounds like you are getting prepared, and what a lovely belated Christmas present your little girl will be for you all! x

  4. Your pregnancy seems to be flying by! Wasn't it just like a week ago that you announced? haha. (Sure it doesn't feel that way to you!) Can't wait to hear about baby girls arrival and see Indie & Parker in their new big sister and big brother roles xx

  5. Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve congratulated you yet! I hope it’s not too late, congratulations :-)
    This post brought me back to the days I was pregnant and even though I hated it most of the way, I miss it so so much.

  6. My older 2 loved talking to my bump and now Zach still never gets a word in :) Hmmm you may have to step in on the naming of baby...

  7. Gosh, your pregnancy is flying by. Lovely bump pictures, hope you’re catching up on rest when you can x

  8. You look amazing. So excited for you for your third. I am behind you but loving reading and watching your bump journey. Can't wait to hear all about baby journey too, It's lovely watching the other two bond with your bump isn't it. My two are obsessed already. Thank you so much for joining in. #bumpsbabies


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