The Siblings Project | November 2017


I think this month's Siblings Project pictures are some of my favourite ones of the year, and they were probably the easiest to snap too. Taken on one of our many family days out this month, I told them to smile and they could get a treat after.. a minute and lots of cheeky grins later, we were done! Chocolate is always a winner right?

Despite saying how well Indie and Parker were getting on last month (and the cuddles in the picture above), we seem to have hit a wall again. They're hardly sharing, constantly squabbling and my goodness the bickering! 

Their age gap is so wonderful in many ways, but I think it's becoming tricker as Parker gets older too. He wants to join in with everything, but still doesn't quite understand about rules and how to place 'nicely'. Coupled with Indie's complete lack of sharing, you can understand how the arguments begin.

Thankfully we've still had plenty of lovely moments this month, especially when it comes to bonding with bump. Both of them love to cover my bump in kisses and feel her wriggle about. I know they're so excited, and I just cannot wait for our little trio to finally meet!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Ah but what are siblings for but to be both best friends and fiercest enemies all in the same breath!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like every sibling I know x

  3. We have exactly the same situation here. The love each other really but my goodness they know how to fight!

  4. Awww lovely pics. They seem just like my two x

  5. These are so lovely Emily! Beautiful photos :) And Parker and Indiana are so close in height now! xx

  6. These are really lovely and I do think that no matter what the age gap there are months they get on ok and others that are constant squabbles, at least it is for us anyway! x


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