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We have owned many toys, games and books over the years. Huge garish plastic ones, bright flashy ones, and ones that have been tossed to the side the second they have been taken out of the box. But over these years we've learnt which type of toys last the longest and bring the most joy for our little ones - our wooden kitchen for example was a gift for our eldest's 2nd birthday; she's 7 this year and it's still played with daily by her and our two younger children! As well as longevity being an important factor when looking for toys and gifts for our children, we also think that they should provide more than just fun. Of course that's incredibly important too, but an educational aspect is so key to our children's development. And WordUnited provide just that.

WordUnited is an independent publisher, bookseller and educational supplier of children’s books, toys and children's learning toys (birth to 11 years). They specialise in supplying those hard-to-find, good quality educational toys, books and learning resources - from their own branded books to famous brands such as Bigjigs Toys, Bloomsbury, Galt Toys, Hape, Leapfrog, Melissa and Doug, Orchard Toys and Usbourne. Each of their selected products support and complement the requirements of the EYFS and Primary National Curriculum. Another great addition to their website is their Free Resources Hub where they have a large range of free activity sheets, worksheets and printables which are perfect for anyone who is home learning at the moment (or in the future).

WordUnited sent us a selection of products suitable for each of our children to review. Lilah is 2.5 and absolutely loves imaginative play, especially with small world toys and baby dolls. She was sent the lovely TickiT Wooden Rainbow which has quickly become an accessory in her small world play. She builds the rainbow, then the arches become a slide for her figures, and then she's stacking it in different ways to make a tower. I love how the item has so many opportunities for fun and play - all while teaching her skills!

Parker is spaced obsessed so he was so thrilled to receive this Space Snap game from Usbourne. The images are beautifully bright and engaging, but the bigger size makes them easier for small hands to hold. At almost 5 he is doing really well with his games now, but this is fantastic for learning turn-taking, and helps keep him engaged as he tries to find the snap!

Indiana is just coming to the end of Year 1 and therefore is beginning to learn a very important skill - time telling. She received this beautiful Lift-the-Flap Telling the Time book (also by Usbourne), which is absolutely packed full of information but in a fun and engaging way. She's quickly picked up O'Clock and half past, and with the help of the interactive clock at the back I don't think it will be long before she's telling the time properly!

Finally, we received the Orchard Toys Pass the Word game for the older two to play and learn together. As with all Orchard Toys games, this is a great way to encourage learning alongside fun as you battle the timer to find the correct letters to build your word. It did quickly become a bit competitive (and not just with the children), but it was great fun and the littles were especially proud when they spelt the words correctly. We have a large Orchard Toys games collection already so this was a wonderful addition!

There really is a wonderful selection of toys, games, books and more on the WordUnited website, making it a perfect one-stop-shop for anything you need. The website was easy to navigate and use, and I absolutely love how our items arrived as the littles really felt like they were receiving special gifts (gift wrapping is a free option, as is adding a gift receipt). I would definitely recommend them and will be heading back for more toys and gifts in the future.

If you did want to order make sure to use the code wu4kids to receive 10% off! How fab is that?

This post was written in collaboration with WordUnited, however all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Such great ideas here. Through all of this home school, I've found it much easier to teach them while they're playing a game. I'll be visiting world United. The dinosaur construction toy looks fab :)


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