How to Overhaul your Wardrobe as a Mum


As a mum, you aren’t likely able to pinpoint the exact date or time that your wardrobe became the typical ‘mum wardrobe’. It was more than likely a slow transition that really didn’t register with you in the moment. Mums tend to be some of the busiest people out there, so comfort typically trumps style. However, the two don’t have to be in competition with each other. In fact, they can live in harmony and allow you to feel stylish, modern, fashionable, and confident, all while feeling comfortable. 

So, let’s take a look at some simple tips you can use that will help overhaul your current wardrobe and inject some serious fashion, luxury, quality, and beauty into it. 

Fashionable Shoes
A great place to start is with your footwear. Shoes can work to anchor an outfit and act as the main statement. Picking up one or more pairs of designer shoes ensure that your outfits will have that instant injection of high-end style. Take for example this collection of Valentino shoes where you'll find a selection of heels meant for a night on the town, strappy sandals perfect for weekend errands, loafers which provide style and edge to any outfit, and boots in various heel heights.

Embrace Tailoring
Another problem mums can often have with their wardrobe is fit. You can have an absolutely beautiful and stylish designer or high-end piece, but if it doesn’t fit properly, it can look the exact opposite of how it's supposed to. The problem is that not everyone is made the same, so just because you’re buying the ‘right’ size, doesn’t mean it will be the perfect fit. The solution is to embrace tailoring.

Tailoring ensures that everything you wear is fit specifically for your body. It provides you with style and comfort. As for what you can tailor, this includes pretty much anything from smart trousers to denim, formal dresses to more casual sundresses, blazers, and even coats.

Lounge Wear for Home Only
There is no doubt that lounge wear is super comfortable and casual to wear, but let's face it - you're not going to be setting any trends wearing it. Keep the lounge wear to the house only, and focus on curated outfits for the moments you're out and about. It will make getting back into your pjs and loungewear all the more enjoyable too!

Wear More Dresses 
While it may not seem like dresses and kids go hand-in-hand, the fact is that you can find all kinds of lovely and fashionable dresses that also offer the utmost in comfort and flexibility. Sundresses in particular are notorious for combining fashion and comfort. The key is to pick a material that is flattering and resists wrinkling, and choose a length that allows you to go about all your daily activities with ease. The two best lengths for busy mums tend to be maxi and midi.

Of course comfort as a mum is still key, but that doesn't mean you have to forget about how you feel and dress 'like a mum'. Being a mum and being stylish is totally do-able!

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