Thinking of Family Travel Plans for 2021


This year started out with so many exciting plans and possibilities. We were lucky enough to have two holidays booked - one being our first big holiday as a family of five. But of course, due to the on-going situation with the coronavirus, all of those plans didn't manage to happen. However, now we're nearing the last few months of the year, we're starting to think about what our family travel plans may look like for 2021.

Like most families who didn't get to travel abroad this year, we're really hoping we can get on a plane in 2021. We have already discussed re-booking the same resort in Turkey that we were supposed to visit this year. The pools look amazing, there is a fantastic kid's club, and they had rooms suitable for a family of 5 (something that's actually harder to find than you might think). 

I think about booking a Disney holiday at least once a week - it really is my happy place! Disneyland Paris is now open again, but with new restrictions in place such as no fireworks or parades. Some of these changes have put us off booking a trip just yet, but we're hoping that by the later end of next year at least some of these will have gone away. I must admit I have even been pricing up a big Disney holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida. It would require a lot of planning, but I think it would really make up for everything that's happened this year.

The more Jack and I think about it the more we want to travel further as a family. There are so many wonderful places around the world that are family-friendly, so why stay so close to home? We have been looking into family holidays to Canada recently, as it's somewhere we both want to visit - me especially after watching Katie Ellison's family road trip last year. She made it look so easy with little ones which has really changed my mind on taking big trips with ours.

Of course, I know that Covid won't be going away any time soon, so we're also considering our options closer to home too. We definitely want to plan a few weekend breaks like our mini trip to Weymouth this summer. It's lovely to get away to somewhere new, even if it's just for a few days! I have been looking into Center Parcs for a few years now, so I think this is somewhere we will look into more if we can't get on a plane. 

No matter what happens we'll have some amazing trips as a family in 2021. Whether that's jumping on a plane to an exotic destination, or just driving a few hours away for a British caravan holiday. As long as the five of us are together, amazing memories will be made!

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