An Interview with my Two Year Old | Lilah at 2 1/2


I have been asking Indiana and Parker this same set of questions for the last few years now, but of course Lilah has always been too young to understand. But now she's getting closer to 3, I thought it was time to get her involved too! I love seeing how their answers change over the years, and I'm sure Lilah will come out with some cracking ones.

What’s the best thing about being 2?

Being a big girl

What makes you laugh? 

My bag

Who do you love, and why?


What’s your favourite book?

Baby book

What's your favourite food?

Gingerbread man

What's your favourite song?

Elsa songs (Frozen)

What's your favourite outfit?

My boots

What's your favourite TV programme? 

Peppa Pig

What's your favourite toy? 

My baby

What's your favourite thing to do?

Play with my Peppa phone

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