Easy Home Makeover Tips on a Budget


I know I am not the only one who spends a lot of their times lusting over the beautiful, stylish homes on Pinterest and Instagram. It can be hard to keep up with these constantly changing trends though when you’re short on time and money. But if you’re looking for ways to embrace and experiment with new trends, you don’t have to overhaul your interiors or spend a fortune - and hopefully this post will show you how.

Adding Colour and Changing your Palette

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform your interiors is changing the colour palette. Even painting a single wall can make an incredible difference to the look and feel of a room. Before you start ordering paint and putting down dust sheets, think about the kind of ambience you want to create and compare tones and shades to find the perfect colour for each space. It’s best to opt for soothing, soft colours for bedrooms and areas where you like to chill out and relax. In living spaces where you entertain and socialise, you can afford to be a little bolder. If you have small rooms, stick to lighter shades and use accessories or soft furnishings to inject colour. Dark shades will make the room look more cramped.

Tiles and Flooring

Changing the tiles or the flooring in a room could help you achieve a brand new look without blowing the budget. You can use kitchen tiles on the walls or floors to add colour, carry a print or design or create a more modern, funky aesthetic. Opting for a light shade can also help to make the space look larger and brighter. In the bathroom, you can use floor or wall tiles to channel a boutique hotel vibe or design a more functional, practical room if you have children. There is a vast array of styles, designs and colours to choose from. Whether you love contemporary monochrome or rustic terracotta, there’s something to suit everyone.


Of course the simplest way to change a room is to use accessories and soft furnishings to try out new trends and freshen up the look of your living spaces. You can use everything from lamps, candle holders and plant pots and vases to wall art, shelving units and decorative ornaments to channel themes and add interest. For a romantic boudoir, you could choose a vintage mirror and vases of fresh flowers. For a cool, modern loft-style living room, you could opt for large plants in concrete pots, industrial lamps and wall art featuring graphic lines. If cosy is more your vibe, you can use rugs, blankets, throws and lanterns filled with church candles to create a warm, inviting, relaxing snug.

So if you fancy freshening up your interiors for spring / summer why not go for it! You don’t have to break the bank or spend hours decorating, and if you take these simple tips on board you can achieve an affordable, stress-free mini makeover.

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