How to Enjoy Smart Entertainment on a Budget


Whether it's cosying up in front of it for movie nights, keeping little ones entertained so you can get chores done, or just simply sitting down with your favourite show with a cuppa - the TV is still the entertainment heart of the home for most. However, nowadays it seems like smart TVs are being used to do so much more than just traditional TV. If you don’t want to fork out the cash needed to upgrade, however, you should know that there are few more affordable alternatives you can stick to instead.

Use What you Have 

Even TVs from a few generations before smart TVs started coming had the ability to connect to all manner of digital devices. This might be your laptop, your PC, or a gaming console. The majority of them can be used as multimedia devices. A laptop or tablet is the most convenient, and you can even buy universal remotes that can act as a mouse allowing you to control it from the comfort of your own seat. You can use the device as a media server or simply hop online and access all of the subscription media services that allow you to access hundreds if not thousands of properties. We still use our playstation as a DVD player!

Plug-In Devices

If you don’t have any convenient digital media devices that could connect to the TV, you can also access all kinds of TV, video websites, and movies on Firestick devices from Amazon. There are guides that can help you download any number of apps so that you can turn one little stick into a whole multimedia center. Simply put, it can effectively upgrade your TV into a smart TV for a fraction of the price. Just remember you still need to pay for the extra subscription services in order to use them.

Save Money

But you might be wondering why you should spend on what might seem like a stopgap when you’re likely going to invest in a smart TV eventually. Smart TVs are likely to become cheaper and more convenient as time goes on aren't they? There are plenty of reasons not to buy them right now though. At the moment, the interfaces tend to be slower, the performance more unreliable, and the security more riddled with holes than the other digital media devices currently on the market. There are great smart TVs out there but the best of the best also tend to be the most expensive so the best bet might be to wait for things to get more affordable and reliable. Having the latest technology isn't always neccesary!

It’s possible to enjoy all the on-demand movies you want, all of the online series, and the subscription TV services without the use of a smart TV. All you need is the right addition to your existing TV and you can save a bundle. 

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