Add Value to your Property with these Upgrades


If you want to upgrade your property, then you have come to the right place. Whether it's to improve your home for yourself, or because you are looking to sell, there are many ways in which you can add value to your property. In this post I am going to share some of the best upgrades you can make, so read on if you wish to find out more.

Add an Attic Space

Adding an attic space is a great way for you to add value to your property. When you add an attic space, you may find that you can easily expand the number of bedrooms you have, and this can really work in your favour if you plan to sell soon. If you aren’t quite sure if you have room for an attic then a contractor should be able to advise you on this. They should also be able to advise you on the best way to go about adding your stairs as well, so you have nothing to worry about there.

Upgrade your Garden

If you have a garden, then it is a very good idea for you to try and upgrade it if you can. Unless you are a super keen gardener, then it's a good idea to make sure that your garden is low-maintenance while also choosing plants that are evergreen. If you can do this then they will come back time and time again and you won’t have to worry about continually keeping your garden in shape. If your garden is neat or untidy then this will work against you far more than you realise and you may find that you lose value on your home.

Convert your Cellar

Transforming a cellar into a storage space can easily boost your property’s value. You just need to make sure that the build cost per square foot is less than the price per square foot. The great thing about converting your cellar is that it will count as a change of use upgrade, which means that you do not need to get any kind of planning permission. If you don’t have a cellar, then you don’t have anything to worry about. You can easily dig down if you want to add some square footage to your home, but keep in mind that you’ll need specialists working with you.

Upgrade your Floors

Floor tiles come in various colours, styles and textures, making them a versatile option for any DIY flooring project. Travertine is an easy DIY flooring project that can work in any room of your home and requires minimal tools or expertise. The most popular type of travertine tile is white marble, which comes from quarries all around the world, including Turkey and Brazil. White marble has traditionally been used as coping stones along with swimming pools because its terracotta colour stands out against blue water; homeowners are using these same materials indoors to create DIY flooring projects that add natural beauty and elegance to any room.

Travertine tiles are available in a variety of sizes, but for DIY projects, it is best to use the smaller sized tiles so that installation is more straightforward. Tiles can be installed over most existing surfaces, including concrete and wood floors.

Add a Side Return

A side return is essentially a narrow alley that runs right next to your kitchen. Extending the kitchen into the side return will help you to gain even more valuable space and it will also help you to improve the layout too. A single-storey extension will most likely be classed as being a permitted development, but you do have to make sure that you meet certain conditions and/or limitations. You will also need to make sure that you comply with building regulations too.

Upgrade your Bathroom

Back inside the house, another area that is a popular choice to renovate is the bathroom. Choosing the right bathroom design can easily add a small fortune to your property, not to mention that it can also help you to make your home look fantastic.

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