4 Cleaning Tips to Create a Fresh, Happy Home!


A tidy and clean home. Sounds like a tricky one right? Well, when you’re juggling a career, or a family, or maybe both, it certainly is tricky! Therefore it’s important to try and get things in order as soon as possible. It will make you feel better, give order to the home and make things feel fresher. It isn’t easy to revamp your home, but with a little focus you can. In this post I thought I would share some cleaning tips that will assist you on your way.

Create a Routine
To help you deal with the long list cleaning tasks, it is recommended to divide the work into several days (or even just times throughout the day). For example, Wednesday you will clean the bathroom and the kitchen, and on Thursday you will maintain the appliances and then Friday focus on flooring and the other rooms. This will make it easier for you to reduce your workload by a full day, while at the end of the week you will have a weekend free. This style of cleaning will also help you to keep on top of when jobs were last done too!

Introduce Chore Charts
If you feel that you are cleaning on your own and that the burden is difficult for you, enlist the help of the whole family for cleaning. Divide the different between yourself and your partner, and don't forget to get children involved where they can too - they can help with folding and distributing laundry, dusting, watering the garden, cleaning the patio and helping in the garden. You can make it fun with the temptation of pocket money as a reward, as well as teach them about things too. 

Tidy up at the End of Each Day
In order for your home to always remain clean and tidy, it is important to maintain order. Put everything back in place after you find it, try to wash your dishes in it as soon as you have finished eating from them, do not leave clothes thrown anywhere, and make sure to tidy the house at every end of the day. This is easier said than done but if you adopt a ‘now’ attitude and not ‘later’, then you will get a lot more done (and you will thank your previous self when it comes to relaxing of an evening too).

Hire a Cleaner
If you really don't think you can tackle everything yourself (or even if you don't want to), then why not consider hiring a cleaner. There are hundreds of cleaning companies or individuals that provide reliable and professional home cleaning. Professional cleaning help will help with cleaning the elements of the home that you have not reached such as windows, or skirting boards. You could even consider getting in professionals for carpet cleaning because they will have the correct equipment to do a thorough, but careful, job.

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