4 Ways to get More from your Unwanted Belongings


I'm sure we're not the only family to have cupboards and boxes piled high with 'stuff'. Over the years we hold on to so many things, usually 'just in case', or because of sentimental value. But sadly, we can’t all hold onto all of our belongings forever - especially if you don't have the room to store anymore things. It’s not all bad though, as you can gain from it too!

Selling things online can be a great way to gain some extra cash here and there, which is perfect if it’s from things that you no longer want or need. The troubling part is putting in the effort to sell them, as it can take time and hard work if you really want them gone. But once you get going and start reaping the rewards, it will be 100% worth the time and effort put in.

In this post I'm going to share 4 ways in which you can get more from selling your unwanted belonging.

Compare Prices
If you’re going to start listing items online, you should make sure you’re not under or overvaluing them, otherwise you’re going to struggle to make any money. No one is going to buy your belongings if there are many others who are selling those same items at a cheaper price! Keep in mind that these things are worthless to you, so any price that others deem reasonable is a great gain for you. There are many different sites where you can list your items, so you have plenty of different options to compare with. Be careful to not undersell items though, as holding out for that bigger payout can be worth it.

Fix Items Before Selling
It goes without saying that the items you want to sell need to be in good condition - no one is going to want to buy a broken, dirty item are they? Getting rid of your clothing or other expensive items might be more difficult if they’re visibly unclean or damaged. Make sure to take plenty of photos so buyers can really see the quality of them item before purchasing. While upcycling antique furniture might not be a skill that you have, if at all possible it can help you fetch a much higher price if your items are in a better condition. You could even have a professional repair your items for you if you feel like the cost isn’t going to take your gains into the negatives.

Know the Right Site for Selling
As you have a lot of different sites that you can list your items on, there are going to be different demographics on each one. While you can list your item on each site, you should make sure you don’t risk overlapping any. If you have something being auctioned on a site like eBay, then you don’t want to be talking to someone on a different site about how much they’re willing to pay for it. Every site has rules, so reading up on them briefly before starting your sales can help to make sure you get the best sale.

It's NOT Always about the Money
If you are in a hurry, considering charity isn’t a bad idea either. While you’re not going to be making any money from your donations, it’s great to give back. Those items are going to be sold at a cheaper price, and the money from them is going to go straight to the charity that you chose. Of course if you’re looking for quick cash this isn’t ideal, but giving to charity has its own rewards too. If you are looking to gain at least a small amount financially, then why not consider a boot fair or thrift sale instead!

This is a collaborative post.

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