5 Things I Wish I had Known Before Pregnancy


With our youngest child Lilah being over 3 years old, pregnancy and all of it's ups and downs seems like a lifetime ago now. All three of my pregnancies were completely different experiences for me, yet there were many similarities throughout all of them, and even with my third pregnancy there were things I was so shocked about! So here are 5 things that I wish I had known before pregnancy.

How Long the First Trimester Can Feel
There is nothing quite as magical as seeing those first lines (or the words 'pregnant') appearing on a pregnancy test. But like many other pregnant couples, Jack and I decided to keep our pregnancies secret until we had our first scan around 12 weeks. But what no one talks about it just how long that first trimester feels! Feeling those rubbishy symptoms, not knowing what's going on, and then having no-one to share it with can make those weeks feel like months. I found it helpful to join pregnancy forums with other expectant mums due around the same time. Or even more helpful could be to share your wonderful news with your closest friends or family.

'Morning' Sickness isn't the only Symptom of Pregnancy 
Growing up and watching films you get sold this idea that morning sickness (which only occurs very early in the morning of course) is one of the only 'big' pregnancy symptoms. So when I did get pregnant and didn't experience sickness I was shocked. I was then especially shocked when I started experience other unenjoyable symptoms. Trapped wind, sciatic pain, aversions to smells... and that was just during the first trimester! 

How Anxious you'll Feel Before Every Scan
I think I actually felt more anxious before my 12 week scan with Lilah than I did with Indiana - and she was the third. But I honestly just don't feel as if those nerves ever go away until your baby is in your arms. It's completely normal to worry, but remember it's important to talk about how you're feeling if you think you're worrying more than normal. We paid for early reassurance scans with Lilah around 7 weeks, which did also help with the worry (but also expensive, so I know these aren't available to everyone).

How Important Pregnancy Vitamins Are
Of course the most important thing during pregnancy is to make sure you're eating a healthy and varied diet, as this will help you to get most of the vitamins and minerals you need. However it's also recommended to take a folic acid and vitamin D supplement during pregnancy.

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You Don't Actually Need to Buy Much
Three babies later I am still completely guilty of buying too much during pregnancy, but the reality is that babies really don't need that much stuff. As long as you have somewhere warm and snug for them to sleep (a basic moses basket will do for the first 6 months), food for them to eat and cosy vests and sleepsuits for them to wear (and then you'll only need up to 12 in each size), all of the fancy baby gear can wait. None of mine ever liked a swing, and all of those fancy outfits and shoes were hardly worn. Wait until your baby is born and you get to know what they like before you spend lots of money!

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