10 Reasons you Need to Move House


Everyone with a family knows how difficult it can be to move to a new house, let alone to a new area. Packing everything up and organising it all into boxes around children? That’s definitely not easy! However, there are a lot of reasons that a house move can be a necessity. The actual process of moving to a new house is long, often boring and very stressful, but if you know your 'why' behind the move, you can be excited from the moment you take a look at www.mortgagecalculator.uk. Buying a house is also a great reason to move: renting is fine if you need to do it, but buying a house is the ultimate goal for a lot of people for a good reason! You’re going to be able to have a tangible asset to hand down one day and it’s going to allow you to build some equity in something completely your own. 

So, what’s your reason for moving, if there is one? In this post I'm going to share the top reasons behind moving house, and they might not be as obvious as you think.

Because you WANT to

The ultimate response to moving to a new property: you simply just want to. Some people want a change of scenery and often, that change comes from within the four walls of the home. Moving to a new house gives you a chance to breathe in a new layout, a new project or perhaps even a new street. With new views and new people to talk to, you get to move again - because you want to!

You need More Space

Whether you’re expanding your family is irrelevant: more space equals more room to move and more fun to be had. Imagine extending the upstairs of the home with an attic conversion, or adding in a conservatory to create your very own sun trap. You can of course, move to a new house to have an extra bedroom or an extra bathroom and that new space will make a big difference. Creating extra space is one thing, but what if you could buy a house that has all of the things that you want already? That’ll save you some cash!

You’re Ready for an Upgrade

If you’ve been in the same street for a long time, you might want to upgrade. Going from a terraced property to a detached property is something that most people want to do at some point. Deciding whether you want to improve your property or simply upgrade it is a big decision, but if you’re restless with the four walls that you’re in and want to move into a property that upgrades you from where you are, it’s time to do it now.

A New Job

Congratulations! A new job is a great reason to move to a new area, especially if the new commute isn't feasible for you to do from your current home. You don't need to commute for hours on end if you just move to a new area. It does often mean uprooting the children to move to a new place, but that’s not a bad thing if you know they will thrive and you will all be better off. If your children are older though it might be a decision to get them involved with.

You're Home Alone

Downsizing because your children are flying the nest is another great reason to move. You can downsize your property and spend less money on your expenses and mortgage because of it! A lot of parents also use this as an opportunity to move to an area that's less child friendly (the countryside for example, as they don't need to be near schools or transport links anymore.

Buying a House

It’s a great reason to move home; you’re moving out of your parents or a rental and you want to buy your first house! You need to plan out your mortgage and who you plan to use, how much of a deposit you have and start looking for a property that will work for you. Getting the best advice possible is so important if you want to ensure that your move is a smooth one.

Moving Abroad

With the pandemic going on, migration to a new place in the world is something that may not have crossed your mind. As things cool off however, you might consider that moving abroad is your best possible option for a happier, healthier future. You can plan to move abroad and spend time purchasing a property somewhere else around the world, and you can get a new job or go and study in a whole new country. 

Your Relationships are Changing

Sometimes we move to live with a new partner or to get away from the end of a marriage. That change in relationships means that there is a chance of a change of scenery, and it can be just as exciting! A change in relationships will trigger changes in other areas of your life from your job to your surroundings.

To be Closer to Family

The chances are that right now you’re living far away from your family. If you want to move closer to your family, you need to sell the home you’re in and buy a new one to be nearer. Living close to your family may be important for you, especially if you are moving to support older relatives or you need support with children. You’ll be able to visit far more often when you have your family members nearby, and that can make a huge difference to you! You also may need to be in the catchment area for schools to get your children into the ones that you want the most.

A Change of Lifestyle

If you’re in the rat race of the city, you may be very ready to slow down and move to the countryside and lead a slower pace of life. You won’t regret such a mammoth change in your life, as it can lead to the change that you’ve always wanted to have. The costs of running a house in the city aren't always small ones, and a change of income or a need to save money can lead you to choosing to relocate. You’ll often find that buying a house in the countryside is cheaper! The change in your job and your location will mean that you will see an overall decrease in how much you pay out. 

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