4 Common Tyre Problems (and How to Fix Them)!


If you own a car, then you'll know that the tyres are the most important component in the entire vehicle. Unfortunately it's also very common for them to eventually face multiple tear and wear problems. In this post I'm going to share the top 4 common tyre problems that nearly all motorists face, and hopefully help you with how to fix them!

Over Inflation

The more a tyre is inflated, the more difficult it gets to maintain contact with the road. Also, over-inflated tyres affect the structure of the tyres that eventually decreases their longevity. Take a look at the centre of your tyres and observe its tread pattern, if the centres are particularly worn down, then you need to let some air out of them. You can of course fix this yourself easily, or if you're not sure you can also visit your nearest garage to consult a professional.

Under Inflation

There are also a number of problems that comes along with under-inflated tyres too. For example -
  • Less grip on road
  • Poor handling
  • Early tyre wear
  • Increased risk of punctures
To avoid the above problems, regularly monitor your tyre pressure and inflate or deflate your
tyres accordingly.

Cracking or Bulging

Cracks and bulges can appear on your tyres from hitting a pothole or kerb (or if you have over
or under inflated tyres as mentioned above). Under these types of conditions it’s usually better to
consult a specialist and get your tyres replaced. Cracking is also a sign a tyre ageing, therefore
consider changing your tyres to new ones if any such problem arises.

Misaligned Wheels

A misaligned tyre can reduce your tyre’s grip and traction on the road; therefore, it is utmost
important to get them properly aligned by professionals. How to detect whether you need
wheel alignment? It's actually quite simple! If your tyre is more worn on one side than the other, it’s probably because its misaligned. This type of wear is also known as camber wear.

Keeping the above tyre problems in mind, if you think that your tyres need a replacement,
make sure to buy them from a reliable and reputable shop. If you happen to live in Kent,
Dartford Tyres can do the job perfectly for you. Buy cheap tyres online at Dartford tyres, where you can shop from all top brands available at best prices.

Hopefully this post has helped you with any tyre problems you are facing, and given you the best advice for sorting them out. Happy driving!

This is a collaborative post.

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