3 Ways to Make Money During Home Renovations


Statistics show that 47% of Brits have already embarked on home renovations since they became homeowners. Whether the purpose was to create additional space or improve appeal for a resale, home renovations always come with a great deal of waste. Fortunately, there are certain measures to take care of the amount of waste that you may create. So if you’re already renovating (or are about to) hopefully this post will help you during this process - and even make you money too!

Sell or Re-Home Old Fixtures and Appliances

Sometimes when people renovate, they take out old appliances to install new ones with more modern features. If they are not functioning, throwing them away is the straightforward move to make. You might need a skip hire service to deal with the pile of old fixtures and appliances you no longer need. But throwing items away doesn't have to be the first step! You can always try and sell to someone who could use the parts or even fix the broken parts.

And if they are still in working order, you will likely find several homes in the community that may be in dire need of the items you don’t need. For example, old sinks (in good condition), light fixtures, and kitchen appliances can be useful in a home finding these things expensive to purchase. Those items can be quite costly as brand-new items, so not only will you make some money this way, but you'll be helping someone out too. 

Find Alternative Uses for Packing Materials

Cardboard boxes and pallets are just a couple of examples of packing materials you will find in a home under renovation. Instead of tossing them away, you can still reuse them as recycled or up-cycled items! Old pallets can be up-cycled with a splash of colour and used as a tool-hanging surface in the garden shed. Old cardboard boxes can be repurposed into planters (make sure to line them with thin plastic material to prevent moisture from destroying the base first). These are also great examples of items you can pass or sell on to others once you are done with them too. There's always someone out there moving!

Salvage Flooring

There is a good reason salvaged or reclaimed wood receives good public reviews. Apart from being cost-efficient, they are useful, convenient, and easy to access only if you know where to look. So if you’re renovating and need your wooden flooring replaced, try to put them to better use. Old flooring (whether wood, tiles or lino) can all be sold on to a new buyer so make sure to take them up gently to keep them in the best condition. You could even save yourself money by buying your 'new' flooring second hand!

Home renovations generate a lot of waste, but you will discover that you can repurpose many things upon careful observation. So before tossing anything away, it always makes sense to think about it's next step. Home renos are expensive, so don't go wasting money when you don't need to!

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