5 European Summer Holiday Locations to Consider


Despite the pandemic, our love affair with travel is far from over. Each country, and even each city, has its own character, and getting to know the secret charms of a great city takes time - much more than a weekend break usually allows. Cities offer us the finest dining experiences, the best art, the best architecture, the best entertainment and, most importantly, their unique atmosphere. And they are also a great base for exploring the region they are in too.

Europe is full of great cities, and in this post I am going to share just 5 great European summer holiday locations I think you should consider. Where would you choose?

Limassol - Cyprus

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and is considered to be one of its most beautiful. The largest port in the Middle East, Limassol is both a centre of commerce and a centre of culture. Its historic centre, with a castle and cathedral, is home to a yearly carnival and wine festival, but there is also a lively arts scene throughout the year. Definitely worth a visit!

Reykjavik - Iceland

Not as cold as you might imagine, the temperature is best described as ‘mild’, with summer highs of 10C and winter lows of zero. Set amid a fascinating coastline of caves and islands, Europe’s northernmost capital is home to 60% of Iceland’s population. The long hours of summer sunlight make Reykjavik perfect for festivals and when darkness does fall there’s never any shortage of nightlife. Famous for its great arts scene, museums and geothermal pools, Reykjavik is also a great base for whale watching, seeing the Northern Lights or visiting the Blue Lagoon. Prices can be a little high in Iceland though, so do make sure to take enough spending money with you so you can enjoy every moment.

Faro - Portugal

More affordable than Lisbon, Faro has its own international airport and is a short hop from the capital and the world class beaches of the Algarve. Often overlooked by tourists heading for the beach, the city has an ancient centre of great charm and makes a perfect base for exploring the locality.

Florence - Italy

One of the most art laden cities in the world, Florence is one of the world’s great tourist destinations. There’s an almost endless list of famous sites in the city, including the Uffizi Gallery which houses the largest collection of Renaissance art in the world! This is a city which you could spend a lifetime exploring, but be warned, summers are very hot and very, very busy.

Nice - France

One of the most popular destinations on the French Riviera, Nice boasts a beautiful climate all-year-round, making it a chic, sophisticated delight. The old town is maze of cobbled streets and red roofed houses where you can linger in charming café after charming café. And as you would expect, there’s no shortage of high-end shopping (mostly centred around the Jean Medecin Avenue) and plenty of lively nightlife and quaint restaurants. This is France, so there is of course also plenty of cultural diversion as well, of which top of the list is the Marc Chagall Museum.

Where is your favourite European destination to visit?

This is a collaborative post.

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