5 Ways to Jazz up your Bedroom


Your bedroom is the one place you feel safe from the world. It's your private bubble from everyone else, and while you're asleep for most of the time you spend in it, your bedroom should make you feel inspired and happy. Yet, many people have 'boring' bedrooms - ones that lack any creative or focal points. If that describes your bedroom, don't worry because you can make some simple changes to transform it into an amazing sleep space!

Give your Walls a Colour Change

Firstly, it makes sense to decorate by adding some new colour tones to your walls - especially if they are rocking a lovely shade of white. The colours you choose, of course, are down to your individual tastes and styles, but make sure to not just follow a current trend, but pick something that will stand the test of time. It makes sense to get a few tester pots of paint and paint some samples in an inconspicuous area of your bedroom. That way, you can determine which ones are best.

Add some Chic Furniture

Another idea (if you've got enough space) is to add some chic furniture to your bedroom. One example might be to invest in some bedside tables that really emphasise the look and style of your bed. You might even decide to invest in some vintage wardrobes if you're trying to pull off a retro look in your bedroom. Whatever your tastes, you're bound to find furniture that works well for what you want to achieve.

Raise your Curtains

Does your bedroom seem small and dull? If so, one simple way to make a massive difference (and one that won't cost you a penny), is by raising the height of your curtains. If you're thinking that you'd need to buy new curtains to achieve that goal, think again. Simply move the curtain rail up a couple of inches or so to give the illusion that your bedroom has a high ceiling and thus feels bigger!

Jazz up your Bed

Do you have a simple headboard on your bed (or none at all)? If so, now is the time to upgrade to an amazing one that will almost certainly become a focal point in your bedroom! You can buy headboards in various sizes and styles, so whether you're after something contemporary or grandeur, you won't have trouble finding the best one for your bed! Wayfair have some great deals on bedding if you're looking to add that extra touch too.

Incorporate Greenery into your Bedroom

One final tip is to consider adding some plants to your bedroom. Indoor plants offer many benefits, aside from aesthetic ones, such as helping to filter the air in your bedroom by removing carbon dioxide, and they will positively impact your mental health as well. Of course having real plants would be the best option, but if you don't think you'll manage to keep them alive (or just want a cheaper option), then there are so many realistic fake plants out there now. 

Making some positive changes to your bedroom is straightforward and need not cost you the Earth. The above examples are a great start to your journey of creating an amazing bedroom. But just remember to create a space that is perfect for you!

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