Top Tips for Purchasing a Second-Hand Car


There are many advantages to buying a second-hand car: they are environmentally friendlier than new cars, they tend to be a lot cheaper (a benefit which knocks on for insurances and taxes), you have a wider pool of vehicles to choose from, and, for the same money, you can buy a better model than you would be able to afford as new. But are there any downsides to buying used cars and, if so, how are they mitigated? The answer is simple - choose a second-hand car that is the right age and many of the perceived downfalls simply evaporate into nothing. In this post I'm going to share my top tips for purchasing a second-hand car.

Too Old

The disadvantages of buying too old a car are obvious; the older a car is, the more likely it is to suffer mechanical issues and break down on you, ultimately costing you more in repairs and breakdowns than it has saved you in the purchase price. How old is too old? Probably any vehicle over five years old should be crossed off your list of probable investments. This is not to say never buy cars older than this: cars with careful owners, with especially sturdy models, that have benefitted from thoughtful repairs and renovations can, of course, be excellent investments.

Too Young

Is there any such thing as too young a vehicle to purchase second-hand? Well, yes. If your chosen vehicle is less than eighteen months or two years old, you are most likely losing many of the financial advantages of buying second-hand. The environmental impact will still be quite high, as the car has not been run for long enough to mitigate the carbon footprint or resource price of its manufacture, so you will lose your green credentials for buying too young a second-hand car. And, as if that wasn't enough, your car might not yet be as tried and tested as you would like. Often, cars that are bought and sold as used vehicles tend to be sturdy models that are well run-in and no longer subject to recall as any faulty models would have been picked up and sorted out by the previous owner.

Just Right

This leaves us with a sweet spot of two to five years for an ideal second-hand car purchase. In fact, it can be narrowed slightly to two to three year old cars, simply in order to avoid having to MOT your new-to-you car in your first year of ownership. Now you know what you are looking for. KAP offers used cars for sale in Brighton with easy financing options and 100% guarantee. Good luck car shopping!

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