Create the Princess Bedroom of their Dreams


If your child love all things princess-related and has been asking for a princess-themed bedroom for a while now but you’ve never quite got round to it, then you've come to the right place. In this article I'm going to share some top tips on how to make their princess bedroom dreams a reality. Keeping reading to find out how!

Layout & Presentation

When it comes to the layout of your child’s princess bedroom, you’ll of course need to work with the room you have, including the overall size of the area (and any difficult angles or awkward spaces that you’ll need to take into account). You might want to consider customised fitted furnishings to complete the room, such as fitted wardrobes, a custom bed, or storage units to make the most of the existing space.

Think about your child’s age and how they currently use their bedroom. If they’re younger, you might want to include a dedicated area for playing with useful toy storage and plenty of space to host tea parties and balls for their teddies and dolls. If they’re older, then clothes storage and a dressing table might be more appropriate - or a beautiful writing desk for them to attend to their royal correspondence... or homework!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out these princess bedroom ideas, which include everything from classic Disney Princess rooms for younger ones, to more modern but classy looks for tweens and teens.

Colour Theme

When you’re creating a princess-themed bedroom, you may automatically assume it’s got to be pink but that isn’t the case at all. If your child wants to stick to the classic Disney shades of pink, that’s great but lots of colour themes lend themselves to that royal look, including purple, green, ice-blue, and metallics such as gold and silver. Why not create a mood board with your child, including any colours, patterns, or textures that they like? You could do this on Pinterest or in a scrapbook using magazine clippings and paint sample cards. Have a look at room tours on YouTube too as you may get some great inspiration from other children's rooms!

Accents of Royalty

Once you’ve chosen your room layout and colour scheme, you’ll want to get those all-important royal accessories right with princess room decor. This could include curtains, rugs, wall art, and lighting. It’s these little finishing touches that will make your child’s room extra-special and feel like the princess palace bedroom of their dreams! Depending on their age, you could get a personalised night light beside their bed or a custom nameplate or bunting.

Focal Point

Every princess bedroom should have a focal point in the room that draws people’s eyes to it when they walk in. Think about what you could create as a centrepiece for the room, whether that’s a four-poster bed, a mirrored wardrobe, or a dressing table with lights. A mural, decal, or large piece of wall art is another possible focal point that will really give that ‘wow’ factor when your princess sees their room for the first time!

Enjoy creating a princess room of their dreams!

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