Christmas Eve Basket 2015


Christmas Eve baskets seem to be the big thing this year! We did one for Indiana last year but obviously she was only one, so didn't really understand. This year she knows who Father Christmas is, understands presents and generally has much more of an understanding. So of course we had to continue the tradition, but this time add in some bits for Parker too!

We didn't want to go overboard as we know both of them will be spoilt on Christmas day, so just added some little treats we can all enjoy on the day. We went with something they could wear, read, watch, eat and a little extra treat to enjoy too. The basket itself is from eBay as I thought it would be useful for around the house throughout the year too. The ribbon I added myself to make it festive, and again was from eBay.

Firstly I added this cute little treat tray, for Indie to leave out for Father Christmas. I've seen beautiful personalised plates, but with the kids both being so small still I didn't want to risk it just yet haha. This one was from The Range and was really cheap. Also how cute are the little knitted characters?!

Of course they need new Christmas pjs! I was worried I wasn't going to be able to find matching ones, as you don't get many unisex items of clothing these days (what's with all the pink and blue?!). I found these gorgeous ones in Tesco and they were a bargain £6 each. I love that they'll be matching and in such cute pyjamas too.

Just like last year we got them each a book to read and then a Christmas film for us all to enjoy. I saw these 'Santa is coming to...' books and had to get one. They come personalised for your town and the story includes local areas, attractions and parks. The illustrations are beautiful, and the writing is big enough that in years to come Indiana can help us read it.

I love the 'That's Not My...' series so of course had to get another addition for Parker. These books are great for babies and toddlers, and I think both of them will enjoy this one. I got the penguin version last year, so went for polar bear this year! Both are from Amazon really cheap (we get most of our books from there).

I did buy two films for us to watch this year, but Elf managed to find it's way into the DVD player already haha. We also got Arthur Christmas for us all to watch. We first saw it last year and it's a lovely family film, complete with adult jokes which makes it fun for everyone! Again this is from Amazon for a couple of pounds.

As a little extra treat I added a couple of little presents that they can play with. For Indiana's first Christmas she was only 4 weeks old, so this rattle is the only thing we got her! It's now in her special memory box, so I wanted one for Parker too. He loves grabbing things now so this should Santa rattle should be fun for him. I got it in Mothercare's sale alongside a 'My First Christmas' vest for only £6.

For Indiana we got her this Toybox reindeer figure from ELC/Mothercare. She's obsessed with these toys and has quite a collection now. She loves role-playing with them - making them talk, go to sleep, play together, etc. They're great for her imagination and for only £4 I couldn't resist this reindeer to go with her Father Christmas. 

The last bits are little treats for both of us and Indiana to enjoy with the film. I got the idea for the 'Snowman Soup' hot chocolate cones from Sophie at Mumology. They're basically just hot chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate drops in the shape of a reindeer - how cute right?! These are from eBay and aren't that costly (I would have made my own if I had the time haha).

Of course no Christmas would be complete without chocolate coins, so I just had to throw these in too! We actually got these for Indiana when we went for breakfast with Father Christmas. I saved them and added them to the basket instead. I'm sure they're easily available for about 50p though.

Have you done a Christmas Eve basket? What have/would you put in yours?

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  1. This year will be the first for us to do a Christmas Eve box but mine are only 23 months and 5 months. I was thinking PJs and some sweets. Love your boxes! :)


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