Parker's 4 Month Update


So I'm terrible at getting these up on time now, but Parker is 4 months old (he turned 4 months on the 4th December). I'm also a rubbish mummy and haven't had Parker weighed this month either - but I'll try and update this when I do! I do know that he is in 3-6 month clothing, and wearing size 3 nappies though.

Feeding wise Parker is all over the place at the moment, thanks to the God-awful 4th leap, and the 4 month sleep regression! Both us said we couldn't ever remember Indie being like this, but according to her update, she was exactly the same haha. He's roughly taking 6 bottles a day of anything between 4-7oz in each. We're still on the Comfort milk, but hoping to try and wean him off this soon, as his colic doesn't seem to be a problem anymore. He goes through stages of wanting milk every 2 hours, and then only taking a few ounces too.

As I mentioned we're well into the 4 month sleep regression. Sleep and naps have been just a bit rubbish really. Just when he was starting to sleep through the night, we're back to frequent wake ups and he fights going to sleep.

Naps are also tricky, and if you don't get him down at just the right moment you've got no chance of getting him to sleep without lots of work haha. I do follow a routine with him though and try to get him down for a nap 2 hours after he wakes, which works well for us. He's also no longer in his moses basket in our room.This big boy now sleeps in his cot, sharing a room with Indiana - I'd love to have him still in with us, but he is just so so long his moses basket was too small, and his cot won't fit in our bedroom!

Once again The Wonder Weeks app has been spot on for us. The 4th leap is most definitely the hardest so far - I say so far as I know how bloomin' hard the next ones are haha - and has been very testing. Parker is a very fussy and clingy baby anyway, but with this leap he wants constant attention and cuddles. I love doing this on my days when Indie is at nursery, but it's just impossible when she's home which makes things tough.

Between the fussing though Parker is such a happy, cheeky little boy. He gives the biggest smiles and giggles with delight when you play with him. He can grab and put toys to his mouth and learnt to roll front to back this month. He's started doing mini pushups and bringing his knees up under his bum in preparation for crawling; honestly these milestones are just as amazing the second time! 

Parker is such a mummy's boy already haha. Whenever he's on Jack's lap he looks around for me, and gives me the biggest smiles. I love it as Indiana has always been a daddy's girl! He pretty much loves attention from anyone though - although strangely he really doesn't like cuddling to sleep anymore, and wants to be left alone when he's sleepy.

He's really growing and changing so much. He's most definitely found his voice and can communicate with more than just cries now - he squeals and shouts a lot haha. Tummy time is improving although he still pretty much hates it! He's chubbed out which you can probably tell, and I think he's finally starting to look like his big sister Indiana. Also this boy has THE strongest legs I've ever seen! When you hold him he just wants to stand and bounce haha, I think this may be a sign of things to come.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. I hear you with this four month regression. Hopefully it will pass soon. I have no helpful tips for getting through it other than it won't last forever and we are all in it together xxx


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