Indiana's 2 Year Update


Can you believe it, our little girl is 2 years old! It's crazy to think I started this blog with her 3 month update, and now I'm writing about her turning 2... time sure does fly. So Indie turned 2 on the 26th November 2015. We celebrated the day as a four, with birthday cake for breakfast, presents, soft play and a yummy lunch out - perfect for us!

Where we live we don't have 2 year checks until they're 2 years 3 months old, so unfortunately I don't have any stats (but I'll try to remember to add them when I get them!). She is however in 1.5 - 2 year clothing, has size 5 feet and is still pretty short haha. She still has 20 teeth - which according to the dentist are perfect.

Things she loves at two are: colouring, stickers, puzzles, her baby and pushchair, dancing, singing, role play, Bing, Minions, bananas, chicken, her Toddlebike2, jumping, running, playing with her little friends at nursery, water play, playdoh, and lots lots more.

Indiana loves to talk, and chats away constantly now. You can have a conversation with her and understand a lot of the words, and she's been making sentences for a while. We love hearing her little voice develop; even if it's when she's shouting 'stop it' or screaming 'noooo!' at you haha. Her current favourite is Christmas! She's even started singing which is simply THE cutest thing in the World (although I do wish she'd move on from twinkle twinkle haha).

Her eating has definitely improved, which I'm hoping will continue. She's no longer in her highchair and eats like a big girl at her little table. She's also trying more food and refusing less which I'm SO happy about. She does seem to eat more things at nursery than at home though, which is really strange. Jack even witnessed her eating cucumber and asking for more - something she would turn her nose up at at home!

Sleep wise we have always been blessed with an amazing sleeper. Indie sleeps 7-7 with a nap after her lunch, usually between 1-3. She loves her toddler bed and has taken to climbing in with as many of her toys as possible - currently it's bunny, minion, Bing and her slumber hippo. She's now sharing her room with Parker which has gone amazingly well (she doesn't even stir when he wakes in the night).

She is such a loving, cheeky, bubbly little madam. She has the dirtiest laugh which is simply infectious and she has us in stitches a lot! She does have quite the temper on her though and does love to get her own way. The strops can be pretty intense haha, but that's just a two year old for you! Most of the time though she's an absolute delight and I couldn't be any prouder of my little girl.

Here's to the next year, and more adventures baby girl, mummy and daddy love you very much!

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