Parker's 16 Month Update


With all the excitement of Christmas, I almost completely forgot that Parker turned 16 months on the 4th. It's been a big one this month, with P really learning how to communicate. And he's most definitely turned into a terrible two year old already...

A little update on his stats:

- A mixture of 12-18 and 18-24 month clothing
- Size 5+ nappies (Christmas ones of course!)
- Size 5 feet
- 12 teeth - 4 at the bottom, 4 at the top and all his first molars through
- Getting tall - his feet now reach the foot bar on his highchair!

This month has seen a huge leap in Parker's temperament. He's still such a sweet, loving boy. But something has changed, and he's becoming a lot more hard work! Tantrums, screaming when out, escaping his highchair, being 'naughty' on purpose (he'll do things, check to see if you're watching and then give you a cheesy grin), and just generally being pretty exhausting! By the looks of things though, Indiana was exactly the same at this age.

On top of that we've had some rough nights with teeth and him being poorly. There's been a lot of co-sleeping, extra cuddles and treats this month as a result. Although I'll be honest and say I do actually quite enjoy co-sleeping - just not when he's kicking me in the face!

I know he's just testing boundaries, and learning he's the master of his body (thanks Wonder Weeks!). We're hoping if we keep giving him rules to follow, and be consistent, he'll soon learn that we're boss. I'm also hoping that once Indie starts preschool and he gets free reign of toys and me, he'll calm down a bit too. Wishful thinking?

Nothing is stopping this boy when it comes to his speech. He chats away all day, mimicking words like a little parrot. He can say:

mummy, mama, daddy, dada, nanny, nana (Indiana), doggy - and woof, quack quack, down, stuck, up, uh oh, wow, nummy (dummy), Peppa - and snort like a pig, no, shoe, grandad, are you (where are you), love you, did it, gone, teeth, kiss, knock knock, biscuit, narnar (banana), cheese, mine, hi, bye bye, star, row row, duck, poo, bubble, and juice.

This month Parker has loved Peppa, running around outside, the Christmas tree, cars, sleeping with mummy and daddy, reading stories, advent calendars and painting. He's hated his eczema returning, his highchair / pushchair / being restrained, teething and wearing hats!

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