What's in our Christmas Eve Basket 2016


We started our Christmas Eve Basket tradition a few years ago now, and it's quickly become one of my favourite things about Christmas. Now the littles are older it's something they can both enjoy too (and I always pop in something for Jack and I as well!).

My Christmas Eve Basket for 2016 is very similar to the one I blogged about last year. I picked up the basket from eBay, and wrapped some gingham ribbon around it to make it a bit more festive. Then the idea we went with for the contents was: something to read, something to watch, something to wear and something to eat. Simple!

I popped the 'treats for santa' tray in too, as the treats obviously get left out of Christmas Eve - and I didn't want the littles playing with it before Christmas! It was only a couple of pounds from The Range, but does the job.

The books I went for this year are Olaf's Night Before Christmas for Indie, and Peppa's Christmas for Parker. Both were reasonably prices from Tesco's. Parker is reaaaaally into Peppa at the moment so I know he'll love this one. And Indie (still Frozen obsessed) loves longer books now, so we thought this would be perfect.

We get a new Christmas DVD every year, and this year's choice is The Polar Express. It's such a lovely film, although I am a little worried it's maybe a bit too grown up for our two. I know Jack and I will enjoy it regardless, and at least we have it for years to come!

Treat wise after the success of last year I bought these 'Snowman Soup' hot chocolates again. I know I could do these myself, but I honestly don't have the time - and these were such a bargain from eBay I thought why not. I've popped in a couple of bags of chocolate coins too, because it's not Christmas without chocolate coins!

Finally both littles have brand new pyjamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. Parker's are Christmassy as these ones from Asda were too cute to resist - he'll be out of them soon enough too, so I didn't think it was a problem. I went for regular pjs for Indie as I know she'll be wearing them for a long time - these are sparkly though so they're kind of Christmassy right?

I cannot wait to pop the basket under the tree on the morning of Christmas Eve. Jack will be home this year so we can all enjoy it's contents throughout the day. It's such a lovely way to start Christmas!


  1. We also have the tradition of a Christmas Eve basket too - I like the format you follow with your contents. We usually put in a book, a Christmas craft, a film and then pjs + slippers. Alexander is getting Paw Patrol pjs and slippers this year, and I have a feeling he'll be more interested in those than anything else!

  2. That is very nice. I love the snowman soup. Brilliant idea. We actually don't do a Christmas Eve basket. They get some chocolate and a small toy on the 6th December which is St Nikolaus.

  3. What a nice tradition! I've been inspired to try it too this year :)

  4. I love the box! I just wrap presents up for the kids but next year I think I'll have to invest in a nice box... or I could just put the wrapped gifts in a hamper basket I already have I guess!

  5. I love this - so simple and would save me trying to stuff everything into a tiny little box!

    Kirsty | www.lifewithboys.co.uk

  6. I love this tradition, I've not done something like this for Leanora, but I sure still have time to do so. I love the Polar Express, it is one of my favourite Christmas films.


  7. I love this so much! Definitely something I'm going to do with Amelia next year!

    Lucie x


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