The Siblings Project | December


How are we in December already? This year has definitely flown by, and I've now shared a whole year of sibling project photos - watching my little pair grow from a toddler and a baby, to a preschooler and a toddler!

I'm so glad I decided to join in with the project. It's made me capture moments I probably never would have before. And it's meant I've got a record of my little twosome from the very beginning to always look back on too.

Looking back at January's photos, it's funny to see how similar they are to the ones I took this month. Lazy days at home, snuggled up together. Although Parker is a lot wrigglier now and it's waaaaay harder to capture the crazy little beans.

These pictures basically sum up our month though. Both of them are currently ill, so lazy mornings snuggling in mummy's bed have been essential. That doesn't mean they've lost their cheekiness though! And they've turned into a fierce little pair.

If Parker does something 'naughty' (jumping on the sofas, flicking switches on and off, destroying the place, etc, etc) Indie will find it absolutely hilarious, and see fit to join in. This then sets Parker off, and you'll find them giggling away at their mischievous behaviour.

Indie is also Parker's mini cheerleader, encouraging him to be a monkey. He absolutely loves the attention though, and honestly most of the time I end up laughing with them too!

I cannot wait to enjoy Christmas with my crazy pair. And here's to another year of sibling project photographs too. I'll leave you with my year of siblings. Just look at them grow!


The Me and Mine Project


  1. I definitely think that the older siblings laughing at mischief makes the second more cheeky, my two are exactly the same! I hope they both feel better soon x

  2. Oh look how they've grown :) such a cute bond! Hope they're both feeling better soon ox

    Amy |

  3. Oh wow, its not until you put all the pictures there that you actually see how much they have grown and changed! I love this months photos, I think you've captured their bond perfectly x

  4. Look at how much Parker has changed, he is a proper little boy now. I love this project too for giving me photos I wouldn't have had. I hope they feel better soon x

  5. They're so cute together, they look like twins now! Lovely to look back on the year #Siblings xx

  6. Oh my goodness he's changed so much hasn't he? Crazy!! Gorgeous photos, some lovely memories. xx #SiblingsProject

  7. It's mad how they can change within a year. From a baby to a toddler. You can definitely see it in these two. #siblingsproject

  8. They are so cute together!! Toby hasn't really realised that he can encourage Gabe to get up to mischief yet but I bet it won't be too long! #SiblingsProject


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