AEG 6000 Series L6FBG941R 9kg Washing Machine | Review


Moving house and having children are apparently some of the most stressful things you can do. So when we moved house at the weekend WITH two children, we wanted to things to be as stress-free as possible.

We knew we needed a new washing machine, so I got in contact with after hearing so many good things about them. They were fab and after ordering on Friday, we had our delivery slot arranged in minutes for the Saturday!

We received the AEG 6000 Series L6FBG941R 9kg Washing Machine which is perfectly suited to our family. Packed with the latest technology and a huge 9kg drum it's really made doing the washing a much less stressful task!

I can wash more in a load and know it's done correctly, thanks to ProSense® Technology. This fantastic feature weighs the load and then automatically adjusts the cycle settings to suit - making sure every item is given the best possible wash whilst saving energy and water too... how fab is that?

Speaking of saving energy and water, the machine has an A+++ efficiency rating, and costs just £29.26 to run per year. This is extra helpful for families like mine, where the washing machine feels as if it's constantly on!

There are 10 different wash programmes including cotton, delicate, easy iron (I love this one!), and quick wash which is only 20 minutes. You can adjust the spin speed (top speed of 1400 RPM) and temperature of the wash, with the touch of a button once you've selected your setting.

A handy feature is that the child lock automatically turns on and off once you hit start and then the wash finishes too. The handy display screen also shows you (with the help of flashing icons) which stage of the wash it's on, as well as the time remaining.

Another thing to add is that it is soo quiet - we sometimes put our wash on overnight, and you wouldn't even know during most of the wash! And on the subject of washing overnight, the time delay function (up to 20 hours) is perfect for this.

Although we love the actual product, I will say the delivery did leave a lot to be desired. Sorting the delivery with AO was very easy and quick, however the delivery men weren't so helpful. Their communication skills weren't very good, and they didn't seem to have the correct tools needed to fit the machine - it was lucky we had a neighbour who has what they needed, or they would have had to come back another day to install it!

Overall though I would definitely recommend the machine, and ordering from AO to anyone. If you're constantly doing laundry and want a more effective but yet efficient machine - the AEG 6000 Series L6FBG941R is definitely the machine for you!

Dimensions - H85 x W60 x D63

Disclosure - We received this item in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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