The Siblings Project | March 2017


I had so many photos I could have used for this month's Siblings Project. Beautiful smiles, all taken on the 'proper' camera with actual decent light. But I couldn't not choose these ones. My two snuggled in bed together, in their new bedroom one morning this week.

They've taken the house move like absolute super stars, and I actually don't think I've seen them so happy in a long time! Parker is now in a big boy bed, so the safety of the cot is gone. Despite our worries it's probably the thing these two enjoy most.

Most mornings since we've moved I've come in to find them snuggled up together reading stories. Indie the bossy big sister who of course makes the decisions (I'm not sure how long this will last with P getting so big though!), and Parker willing to oblige - loving his new freedom and the fact his big sister's bed is now so easily accessible.

I'm not expecting it to always been so positive (the terrible twos are coming), but I just love how much the bond between these two is growing. It's been a month of big changes, but they've got through them together!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Ahh I remember those early days where so many changes are happening and they go through so much together as siblings this close in age. My two were the exact same. They are the best pals too. I can see yours already have a beautiful bond. #siblingsproject

  2. Oh how cute! Such lovely ages. I hope the move went well :) #siblingsproject

  3. So cute with them sharing and glad the move went well x


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