Parker's 19 Month Update


Oh beautiful boy, how fast did that last month go? 19 months old sounds far too grown up for my liking. February was a shorter month, but I feel as if you've developed a lot. I also never thought it was possible for you to become cheekier and more mischievous... But you managed that too!

Routine at 19 months seems to have settled back down to normal. Teething has left us alone for the time being (touching ALL the wood), so sleep and eating have returned. A big change is that we managed to stop bottles and switch over to milk in a beaker. After a few days he cut out his morning milk completely, so he's only have one beaker of milk to go to bed with now.

Naps have been a lot easier now he's not poorly or teething, and the 18 month sleep regression seems to be over too.. yay! We are getting a full nights sleep nearly every night too which is benefiting all of us so much.

Now he's not having so much milk he's eating so much more. Don't get me wrong, P was always an eater. But now he seems hungrier and will eat full meals (sometimes bigger than Indie's), as well as wanting regular snacks. He's so good at eating independently now and I can happily leave him with a bowl of cereal or a yoghurt and he will eat it with minimal mess.

Stats wise, not much has changed since his 18 month update. He did finally pop that final canine though, so he has 16 teeth! His eczema seems to have flared up a bit in the last few weeks too, but hopefully now it's warming up a bit it'll settle down.

Every day he seems to say something new, or do something I never knew he could do. Climbing seems to be his favourite game at the moment, and he's almost learnt to climb out of his cot. We're planning on trying him in a toddler bed when we move next week.. wish us luck!

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  1. Oh P you have the cheekiest face!! <3 God he's going to be two before you know it! x


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