Parker's 2 Year Update


So our beautiful boy Parker is now two. A fact that I'm still completely in denial about (and probably will be for a loooong time). We celebrated his birthday with a trip to the London SEA LIFE Aquarium, and then had a family bbq at our house a few days later. Nothing overly fancy, but I know he would have been happy to play with his presents all day at home anyway!

I haven't had any official stats done on Parker in a very long time now - but I'm hoping to see where he's at when we have his 2 year check in a few months. He's in a combination of 1.5-2 and 2-3 year clothing (depending on the store) and is a size 6G in shoes. He's got 20 teeth, although we've had a few rough teething days with those last pesky molars recently. He's already had about 3 haircuts too which is mad. His hair is SO thick and grows fast, so I think he'll need another soon too.

Routine-wise nothing much has changed for the last few months. He wakes around 6.30/7am, has 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, naps around 1-3pm and bedtime is at 6.30/7pm. He still has a cup of milk at bedtime, and is very much attached to his muslins and dummy - although we try and keep these for nap / bedtime only now.

Development wise, this past month has seen Parker blossom completely. He can count to 10 and down from 5, can recognise a few colours and knows where all of his body parts are. He's still learning new words each day - some which take us by surprise sometimes. He's basically a little sponge of knowledge!

He's definitely more physically able compared to mentally though. He's been able to jump with both feet off of the ground for a few months now, and climbs with absolute ease. He's got a pretty good kick and throw on him too. It's amazing to see just how different he is to his big sister, who was (and still is) very much more into learning and sitting quietly with toys. He is getting better at playing, but being still is not his thing at all.

This month Parker has been loving Paw Patrol - he's absolutely obsessed! He can name all of the characters, has the toys and would happily sit for hours watching it. He still loves cars, trains and buses, and Blaze is another favourite TV character. We got him garden toys for his birthday which have been played with almost daily since. He's also enjoyed visiting the dinosaurs at our local shopping centre!

Turning two has definitely brought on the 'terrible twos' with a vengeance. P is cheeky, stroppy and oh so stubborn. He will fight for what he wants, and isn't scared to throw a tantrum wherever we are. Although this sometimes make days harder, I absolutely LOVE watching his little personality develop... just maybe with less of the attitude though please P?

I cannot believe this is the last monthly update I'm going to share about Parker. These two years have gone so quickly, and I've loved documenting his growth each month. I will definitely still be doing updates every 6 months / year like I now do with Indiana though. I don't want to forget a moment of him growing up!