The Siblings Project | August 2017


I am soo glad the sun finally made a return these last few weeks. Indiana and Parker are definitely happier when out and about, and it's made the summer holidays much more enjoyable. We've had some lovely days out and plenty of snuggly days at home too. They are still as thick as thieves, and I even got asked if they were twins this month! Although if it wasn't for the height difference, I could totally see it.

We celebrated Parker's birthday this month, which means these two have been siblings for a whole two years now... crazy! I remember bringing Parker home from the hospital, wondering how Indie was going to react to her new baby brother.

And now here they are two years on. Sitting together playing, giggling away when they should be going to sleep and most definitely working together to see how much they can wind their dad and I up. Monkeys.

They're also just a few months away from welcoming a third into their duo. And I think as the weeks go on, I become more worried about how the dynamics are going to change. Of course right now they're smothering my bump in kisses, and constantly talking about their baby sister. Ooh yes, it's another girly if you haven't seen our announcement! But are they ready to let another in? I hope so!

There's just a few more weeks of the holidays left, and then Indie's back to preschool three days a week. I know she most definitely needs the routine back, and I could do with the break too! I just hope that their relationship doesn't take a step back when she's not home everyday. I think Parker's really going to miss her.

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  1. Anonymous15/8/17

    LOVE their clothes! Yesterday I saw a little girl wearing the same little dress as Indie. Is it still available?

  2. I know Holly is going to miss Alice when she goes back to school. The holidays are so long, it becomes the new normal to be home. Gorgeous photos, definitely room for one more x #thesiblingsproject

  3. Love that last photo of Indiana and Parker holding hands. I can see why they get mistaken for twins. I am sure they will be wonderful big siblings when your new baby girl arrives :-) #siblingsproject

  4. Please don't worry. We've got girl, boy, baby and it's a lovely dynamic. My daughter is much more of a help
    This time. It's like she's an old pro at this big sister thing ;)
    It will be as of the baby was meant to be there I promise xx

  5. I had the same worries but I can tell you it works out just fine. xx #Siblingsproject

  6. Lovely photos, of course I can't speak as a mum but as one of three myself I can tell you it will work out just fine I am sure x

  7. OH yes we had the same when B started school last year and MM couldn't cope for two weeks every time we dropped him off but after a few weeks she got used to it and just excited to pick him up each day running to the gates it was so sweet. Now she is started this Sept I can't believe it. Off they will run together. Excited and sad about no babies at home anymore. lol #siblingsproject

  8. They are so adorable! I can't wait to see your brood when there's three of them, I'm sure they'll both love their baby sister #SiblingsProject


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