How to Care of your Wedding and Engagement Rings


Your wedding and engagement rings are a symbol of the undying love between you and your partner. They’re also most likely to be extremely valuable. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you take the time to really look after them! Without maintenance, rings can start to really lose their sparkle, and even potentially become damaged. So if you’re looking to protect your wedding and engagement rings, below you’ll discover some of the best ways to look after them.

While you obviously don’t want to think about losing your rings or having them stolen, it can happen. Therefore, it’s important to protect yourself with insurance. This will cover the cost of the rings if they do get lost, damaged or stolen, ensuring you can replace or repair them quickly.

It’s worth noting that rings should be appraised every five years too. This is because the cost of precious metals and diamonds tends to rise over time. So, your rings may well be worth more now than they were five years ago!

Know when to remove them
As your wedding and engagement rings are so valuable, it’s common to not want to take them off at all. However, if you want to ensure they remain in great condition, you’re going to need to remove them in certain situations.

Some common times to make sure you remove your ring include when you’re washing up, doing the laundry, and working out. Even if the rings fit snugly and there’s no chance they could fall off, they can still become damaged and the band of the ring could stretch due to the pressure. So it’s much safer to take your rings off while you perform these types of activities.

Clean and inspect them twice a year
To keep your rings in top condition, it’s also important to clean them regularly with a specialist cleaner. Twice a year you will also want to thoroughly clean and inspect them; you’ll be able to pick up on any minor damage which needs to be repaired. Taking care of damage while it is still minor will prevent larger and more expensive repair jobs further down the line.

Don’t resize them more than once
Finally, it’s important not to have your rings resized more than once. This is because it weakens the band and poses a risk of damage; particularly on delicate engagement rings. If your fingers have swollen after pregnancy for example, wait a few months after giving birth and you should notice your fingers are back to how they were before the pregnancy.

These are just some of the tips to ensure you take care of your wedding and engagement rings properly. Remember, the more care and maintenance you give them, the longer they’re going to last!

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